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Amrita Tripathi
Saturday , May 27, 2006 at 15 : 11

We've come a long way, baby


Yes, Aamir Khan is back!! All over the place and not too shabby either...Is it me, or is he quite the articulate star?! I particularly admire the way he uses the media as and when he feels like (especially around the movie releases) and then disses them/us when it suits. Aspersions have been cast about how frivolous media coverage is, but then again Mr K, what about your views on Narmada being blown completely out of proportion and plastered all over the visible universe?

Though of course his freedom of speech is integral to public debate, and personally I'm glad he sticks by what he says. But it's pretty funny that this enters the political sphere at all. Initially I too did think (I'm going to invent a new word or rather popularise it...thunk instead of did think...it's so much less clunky!)so yes, i thunk at first that he was just going on and on about an issue he knew nothing about as a publicity stunt...But then again, we all love mouthing off on stuff despite having not the most in-depth knowledge about many many topics. Human nature, no? So, at least the Bollywood hero has an opinion and cares to voice it, instead of just fixating on the widely-publicised affairs or whatever he and his co-star pals get up to...

What else has been up? I just recently watched The Constant Gardener and back I am to square one on the whole big pharma conspiracy/collusion with unethical medical practitioners. It's a conspiracy and it's HUGE and we all better be worried. Not necessarily like Mad Hatter worried, but it's so much more insidious than we care to think about.

Why? Because the Third World is more often than not the petri dish in the laboratory these evil geniuses try things out on. What's a couple of hundred human deaths here or there going to matter to us, right? We don't have the big bucks, we have all the human lab rats you need (especially Africa, but I'm thinking poor, disenfranchised brown people in general...)

Not just that, if you look at the profits big pharma makes in general, it's certainly up there with the gun lobby and is definitely worthy of deeper investigation than anyone cares to think about.

Oh well, guess I'll have this fleshed out somewhere else and move on to a different rave altogether soon enough...

BTW The Constant Gardener book and movie both totally rock!

But the next big gotta-watch movie has to be X-3. Oh, alright, Da Vinci too, but here I am stuck on last year's movies!


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Amrita Tripathi is a news anchor with CNN-IBN, and also doubles up as Health and Books Editor. An MA in Philosophy from St Stephen's College, Delhi University, she has also taught a few undergraduate classes at her alma mater, informally! When she is not tracking health issues, Amrita is busy chasing the literary dream. Her debut novel Broken News was published in 2010. Before joining CNN-IBN, Amrita worked with The Indian Express.



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