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Ankit Tuteja
Thursday , March 29, 2012 at 15 : 27

Read this before you buy an MP3 player


Finally, I have my MP3 player. Buying an MP3 player is a no big deal, but it becomes when you look out for the best deal that can offer you value for your money. Recently, I was prompted by a desire to have a portable music player, but to decide which one to opt for took a long time. It is quite obvious that when choices are ample, you often get bewildered to make up your mind that which one to invest in.

While I was mulling over available options, many people including friends and colleagues suggested me to go for the popular ones i.e. Apple's iPod or Sony's Walkman series or Philips' GoGear series - because of their reliability and durability. Though I took them under consideration, but I was not highly convinced. The first reason was the lack of features and the other was their high prices.

All of them offer basic features, but I was looking for more including Bluetooth, expandable memory and voice recorder - in the audio player. Sorry, not any audio player, in fact a high quality, low-cost audio player!

I got perplexed and then I decided that I would research to get the best deal. During my research, I came across Creative's Zen Style M300, priced at Rs 3,200. After going through the technical specifications of the product, I got immediately lured, and somewhere in my mind I decided to go for this product - though I was in the middle of my research.

Finally, my research ended with four shortlisted products - Creative's Zen M300, Sony's B-series, Philips' GoGear Mix, Philips' GoGear Raga and Apple's iPod nano. I shortlisted Zen M300 for its features and rest all were shortlisted because of their repute and reliability.

Gradually, I narrowed down my list and chucked Apple's iPod nano out of the list - because of its high-cost and Apple's limitations. And, finally, brushing off Sony and Philips - because of the lack of features - I resolved to go for Creative's Zen Style M300. I decided to read its reviews before I would buy it.

Believe me, I hardly came across a positive review about this product. Almost all the reviewers picked Zen M300 apart. Some even declared - don't go for it!

But the availability of a spate of features at Rs 3,200 was fanatically driving me to go for this product - snubbing all the reviews. And I did that. I bought the device and I'm completely gratified with it. Trust me - it is just amazing.

Now, I tell you what else, apart from some basic features, this MP3 player offers: Bluetooth 2.1 wireless technology (supports A2DP and AVRCP), expandable memory using a microSD card up to 32GB, Transcoded video, supports photo format (JPEG), voice recording and FM radio.

My research and study says that at this price (Rs 3,200), you can not find any other good MP3 player with all the features that it has to cater. I am not lauding the device unnecessarily, but I am sharing with you the reality.

Talking about my hands-on experience, the device took around 3 hours to charge, and it gives a battery life of up to 20 hours. The sound quality that it delivers is reasonably good and the voice recorder records pretty well.

The device is light in weight, and the user interface is also quite intuitive.

The availability of Bluetooth technology allows you to connect wirelessly to headphones and speakers, thereby lets you enjoy music without any hassle of wires. Besides, you can also expand the memory up to 32GB and add a huge chunk of songs. It's awesome, man! The touch buttons are smooth and work great.

Succinctly, you will not regret after buying this device. And if you are planning to get a low-cost MP3 player, believe me it is the best deal. In case, if you want more powerful audio, get a good pair of headsets as per your choice. In fact, get a Bluetooth-powered headset as the MP3 player offers Bluetooth connectivity. Though you will have to shell out some money, but it will add to your assets, which you can use with other devices too.

I would love to end up saying that at times even reviews can mislead you. There are times when a device may not meet the expectations of technology aficionados, and hence reviews come out to be negative. But on the other hand, the same device could prove to be a great deal for you as every person has his own set of requirements.

So, don't form an opinion about a device until you experience it yourself. In fact, what's wrong in taking a decision after experiencing it yourself? Nothing.

*After you get this device, remember the first thing to do is download the improved version of the firmware found on Creative ZEN Style M300 player. It will upgrade your device.


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