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Anupam Shrivastava
Sunday , August 26, 2012 at 21 : 09

Can Arvind Kejriwal be an alternative?


If Arvind Kejriwal becomes MP in 2014 then it will a fresh start for 'Parliamentary Democracy'. All great political leaders are crying for Parliamentary Democracy sanctity, especially who are evolved from JP/VP movement and alleging Anna and Team is violating the vital democratic principles which they have followed so well. For 5 years as Member of Parliament Arvind has to work for "Anna The Party" till 2019 elections, and in between fighting all state elections from 2014 to 2019.

The Congress is relived that this movement will give the BJP nightmares as BJP'S urban class votes will go to Team Anna in 2014. But anti-corruption atmosphere in the country began in 2011 August when Anna did 'fast until death'. In this country we have accepted corruption as a part of the system and a non issue. We have also seen Bofors corruption issue used by political parties to come in power. History proves that movements always had severe effect on elections. What happened in this year's UP election is an example of ALTERNATIVES. After August 2011 'anshan', Anna and Team Anna worked in all states, where elections were scheduled, by doing rallies and attending functions.

During UP elections, anti-corruption awakening was so intense against Mayawati, especially after NRHM murders that people started looking for alternatives. The election strategy of the Congress was looking like a marketing gimmick full of superficiality and the BJP was already on ventilator with Babulal Kushwah adding more hiccups and finally Mulayam Singh 'the old alternative' swept the elections one sided. Now Arvind is going to provide Alternative. Arvind is anti-BJP, anti-CONG, anti left / right and centre.

The question in everybody's mind is election in India is such a process which requires money, muscle power. And most importantly the caste equations strategy going right. How Arvind is going to overcome all these? Here BJP has mileage today what Mulayam had during this year's UP election by making Congress a non player in UP. Mulyam now eyes PM seat. Arvind did 10-day fast this august and today's IAC'S protests show the commitment. Arvind as a strategist had weaved Anna movement and anti-corruption atmosphere so well and it will be interesting to see how he is going to work for ALTERNATIVE.

But again question is how few hundred are going to change the fate of Nation, which they are trying on streets? Is there any hidden buzz, serious feeling among the citizens for corruption or corruption as an issue is lost so as the corruption movement?

These 6 years till 2019 will define the direction of Parliamentary Democracy, Sattadhari's (ruler) and more importantly of this Country.


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