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Anupam Shrivastava
Saturday , September 08, 2012 at 20 : 06

Is social media a threat now?


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday raised concerns over misuse of social media specially to flare up communal hatred by certain section. Recently Law Minister Salman Khursid also raised questions over Government "losing the communication battle" because its skills do not match up to the proliferation of media where many people are "screaming and shouting that something has gone wrong" without explaining the basis.

Government has come with "aggressive" communication strategy specially in coalgate saga..where on daily basis ministers came in open to talk aggressively on this issue. Assam incident was a eye opener for the government and to us also as how communication on social media, SMSs can be so threatening to the integrity of the country that lead to migration from one state to another.

The biggest blame on social media today is of spreading hatred and dividing people on various lines. Everyone has the freedom to say whatever in democracy but at what cost. Photos of Assam massacre, people carrying Pakistani flags and a person destroying Amar Jyoti flame in Mumbai spread like a virus in social media. Freedom is justified in democracy but how long hatred politics will survive. Government, companies and individuals use social media for both personal and profession purposes, but the way it has extended in India, certain section is using it for their BIG DIVIDE politics.

Here lies the concern of proliferation of negativity, which might hurt the interest of the country. The ban on the medium in various countries like China and Iran reflects the fear the governments have of the social media proliferation. They fear medium.

As we are social animal, we need to share personal happiness, professional engagements, happenings and achievements. Communication ignorant society now has a voice a medium for every individual to share what they think on any issue. Social media is to share joy not hatred.


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