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Anushree Bhaumik
Tuesday , November 23, 2010 at 14 : 24

My letter to the insaaf called Rakhi Sawant


Dear Rakhi,

How are you doing?

Last week again dragged you in a controversy that I know you didn't want to be a part of. You so wanted all your judgments to go down well but this time it definitely didn't, and the result was for everyone to see. Anyway Rakhi, I shall reserve my views on this for the later part of my letter. But first I must tell you how much I have been a fan of yours ever since your 'Pardesia yeh sach hai piya' that DJ Aqueel's remixed video (where you became a saucy nurse!) became a hit. And then, there was the Mika's kiss fiasco, which made you even a better hit on the celluloid. Thereafter there was no looking back for you. You - the Rakhi Sawant was made.

You are very interesting Rakhi. Your so very out-spoken but pointless attitude is completely fascinating. I often wonder how well you manage to say the most inane stuffs in a manner that would put anybody else to the hall of shame. But you are simply superb.

The other day I awe struck how brilliantly you shoved off all the current affairs questions that were thrown upon to you by a leading Hindi news channel.

I mean, frankly Rakhi, I fail to understand, why would they ask you anything that has distant connection or say, no inclination in you... yes, I empathize with you utterly.

You astounded me when you took one of the most beautiful moments of one's life right on the idiot set and made it an element of entertainment for the public to love, laugh and hate...You decided to get married LIVE on TV and choose your husband from a flock of participants who would go all in Rakhi Sawant's tune to get your heart and hand forever.

Did it not come to your mind once that all this is a made up process and perhaps no one has genuine compassion for you, I mean in the Swayamvar - show...? Yes, it did occur to you and therefore, to my sheer faith, you didn't get married on the set.

How expected and boring it could have been, had you married the chosen guy as being laid by the Swayamvar producers... I appreciated your idea of not marrying ON-AIR but just the engagement. And anyway, how can you be known for following the anticipated path. Unpredictable, brash and blunt - are some of your major constituents and you definitely live up to them.

Life gave you a second reality show with your fiancé Elesh in Pati Patni aur Woh...also, with an instant infant to handle too. You realized neither Elesh nor the baby were controllable in your smart way. And, after all the intimacy shown between you and Elesh,    you made it an official split. Now, that's the spirit Rakhi. - do and abandon efficiently.

But lately, I have been a little agitated with you. I obviously didn't want you to host a show (Rakhi Ka Insaaf) where you are required to pass judgments. Why Rakhi? I love your item numbers, your frank and blunt words, your plastic sensuality and sometimes your naive remarks. But to be a judge is definitely not your forte. Don't you think to judge such social issues; you need to have at least the basic knowledge of the judicial system...?    

Well, may not be a yardstick for the makers of such shows.

Frankly, do you think you have been able to do justice with your own life and your family? If somewhere, the answer is no, you know exactly what you need to do.

I need not to dig deep into your life, but you know, you have been so much in the public eye that every minute detail brings up a whole new story on you.

I have always believed that one should remain secured from within first. And then try bringing a positive change to the society at large. Don't understand how much of that is true to your life.

Indeed, as they say, one is one's best judge.

Waiting to see you in some nice item song, giving a tough competition to the Munnis and Sheilas... But, do a little justice to us; just don't be a judge again in the name entertainment.

Yours truly,



Rakhi, as you see I know a lot about you and your life and can give you honest personal advice. I would like to recommend you to hire me as your PR Executive. Believe you me; there can't be a better 'Rakhi Ka Insaaf'.


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