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Arunoday Mukharji
Monday , January 07, 2013

Her death cannot go in vain

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As a crime reporter who started out at the age of 20, I was jolted to a different sort of reality fresh out of a very secure college environment. My first story on a young student's suicide was enough to give me sleepless nights - I had never seen a body hanging from a ceiling fan and old parents crying inconsolably. I still remember I took a 40 minute long interview over two tapes just because I didn't know how to stop the father from crying his heart out on camera. Over the past 7 years after covering some of the most shocking and gory stories, I thought I was immune to it all... I thought! But since the 16th of December 2012, I am not so sure. Things one can't even begin to imagine in our wildest of thoughts were done to a helpless 23-year....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Heroes: The Men in Khaki

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April 06, 2010: 76 CRPF jawans massacred when a team walks into a well-planned Maoist ambush in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh. May 17, 2010: Over 40 CRPF jawans killed after a powerful bomb rips through a bus they were travelling in, again in Chhattisgarh. June 17, 2010: More than 26 CRPF jawans ambushed and brutally killed by Naxals. Once more in Chhattisgarh. 150 CRPF jawans dead in 90 days. I needn't write further, the numbers tell the story. We can no longer push this aside and wait for the next ambush. Families cannot continue shedding tears over yet another wooden box delivered to them draped in our Tricolour. The reality is staring us in the face... waiting for us to act. If this cannot shake the men in charge, then I am afraid we are being led by a bunch of insensitive and heartless leaders....

Tuesday , October 27, 2009

1984: A year we must never forget

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I have been in Delhi all my life and I don't have any recollections of 1984, probably because I was just about learning to walk. But there were others like me, who should've gotten that time to take their baby steps. Instead they started their lives on the run, and some say, they're still running. I am talking about those unfortunate victims of the 1984 Sikh massacre. I don't call them riots, because that's when two sides have an equal go at each other. In this case, it was completely one-sided, Sardars across Delhi barely had the capability or the time to fight back because it all happened so fast. The years after 1984 though were slow. Time has inched forward for most of the families ruined by killings that were just so unnecessary. Thousands of lives shattered and the children of '84 are still trying to pick....

Friday , December 05, 2008

Feeling the Horror

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I never knew that the sound of gunfire could be so loud... I never knew that with each grenade blast, the ground beneath me would vibrate and I would have to shake the noise off my mind, before I could think again. I never knew that my job could take me to such a place where I would witness something so real and horrific just a few meters from where I was standing. I never knew that a man standing a few steps away from me could be hit by a stray bullet... Mumbai was attacked, but it was the nation that was held hostage. I still can't believe this all happened! As I try to write it down, the reality of it sinks in further. I had reported before from Faizabad, Jaipur, and Delhi when blasts....


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Arunoday Mukharji is a Principal Correspondent & Anchor with CNN-IBN and one of the founder employees of the channel, having joined the team in July 2005. A graduate in English Honours and fresh out of St. Stephen's College, Delhi, Arunoday forgot all about Literature - plunging straight into the world of crime reporting. He covered all the major terror attacks India witnessed since 2005. Be it the October 2005 serial blasts in Delhi, the November 2007 blasts in UP, the 2008 blasts in Jaipur or the September serial blasts in Delhi later that year. He even reported from Jamia - the site of one of the most controversial encounters in September 2008, which exposed the alleged terror network of the Indian Mujahideen. But his greatest experience would have to be reporting from outside the Taj and Oberoi Trident during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Stationed outside the Taj for 3 days straight was one of the most challenging assignments. Apart from anchoring regular news bulletins and reporting crime, he now also co-hosts a show called YNOT on the channel which focuses on young India. When he's not breaking news to India, Arunoday likes spending time with friends, watching movies and listening to music.


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