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Richa Anirudh
Thursday , October 23, 2008

Zindagi Live: A challenge, not just a show

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A new season has begun...with new dreams,higher hopes,bigger expectations and fear more than before...yes, fear, because now its not a new show anymore. Now people are expecting certain things from us. We ourselves have grown and matured over the past one year. And so the challenge is greater for the second season of Zindagi Live. What i have noticed in the past one year is that it is impossible to please each viewer all the time...if we talk about trauma, death, grief, there are some people who blame us for glorifying someone's tears...if once in a while in a festive mood we invite a star, again we are blamed for creating a platform for celebrities... What is important is that we need to realise that life is not one thing or the other. its not black or white. its a blend, a beautiful blend of so many things,....

Monday , August 11, 2008

And the award for the Best News Talk Show goes to...

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Last year, it was a July evening when the first ever News Television Awards were held at a five-star hotel in New Delhi... it was the same day that we had shot our first episode of Zindagi Live. After the shoot, I went to attend the awards ceremony because I was a nominee for the Best News Anchor Award. I knew I wouldn't win the award but being nominated with the likes of Vinod Dua and Ashutosh was an award in itself for me.... That evening I was sitting in the last row.... my director Swaroop was also there...I was dreaming and I suddenly asked him...."Swaroop, do you think Zindagi Live will get any nominations in the next years award function?". Swaroop, obviously to make me happy, said, "Of course it will!!!!" Although a talk show winning an award in its first year seemed like an impossible dream but....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In Memoriam

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30th Jan 2008. 8:30 am...An hour back, i got to know that Hina Goswami ji passed away last night..You might wonder who was Hina Goswami...no, she wasn't a politician, a page 3 celebrity or an actress. She was an old lady who lived in the senior citizens home Gharonda, in Chhatarpur, Delhi, and who came to Zindagi Live old age episode..... After the shoot, we had been in touch with her...infact, the Zindagi live team had celebrated Diwali at Gharonda...She was very happy that evening..we made her dance and that beautiful smile on the wrinkled face said it all..She was over-joyed... My next meeting with her in Dec end was bit strange. After 3 hectic schedules of Zindagi live, i took a 10 day break in Dec. I happened to visit a friend in Chhatarpur that day, and it suddenly struck that since i have come this far,....

Thursday , January 17, 2008

Aamir Khan gave them a reason to smile!

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I have always said and written one thing about Zindagi Live....that we wish to bring a difference to people's lives...we wish to touch the lives of as many people as we can...we wish to do something special for our guests. Now i want to share this with you all... A few days back, one of my episode producers Farheen Fatima called me up. She was very very excited. Farheen had produced the Aamir Khan show. And that day she got a call from Aamir's teacher Celine ma'am. Those of you have watched the show would know Celine ma'am is the teacher who came to Zindagi Live and Aamir was so happy to see her after 28 years....That day, Aamir was very happy. He thanked me for making him re-live his childhood memories and bringing his teachers' messages for him... Honestly, that time I wasn't sure if Aamir was....

Thursday , December 27, 2007

Festive mood at Zindagi Live

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Hi all....this month Zindagi Live has been in a festive mood...its been colourful...fun-filled and we had "stars" on the show. We got to hear a lot of good things about Aamir Khan show...especially the kids have loved it. And Aamir Khan fans( like me) have been watching it over and over again :-).....Aamir Khan has been my first (and last) teenage crush, and to be doing a show with him was like a teenage dream come true !!! Although i tried my best to not let him know this :-)...the little kids added so much fun to the show.they were just not bothered about anything.no discipline,no rules.they just wanted to have cake and choclates from aamir.I felt like a teacher during the shoot, unsuccessfully trying to control them as much as i could. Our new year special is with the lil champs and Aditya Narayan....Shooting this show was....

Saturday , December 08, 2007

Zindagi Live: Just another show? You decide

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I am writing after a long long time. Last one month was very hectic for Zindagi Live team. It wasn't just work but also the emotional problems that we all went through. Those of you who have watched the show on families of missing people would know why. Another episode that was very difficult to shoot was on families where a child had committed suicide. This episode will be aired soon. I wanted to share my experience when we were working on the episode. We had to face a lot of criticism when we tried contacting parents. We were told that we shouldn't try making fun of their grief. We weren't doing that at all! We just wanted to give a message to our viewers, especially the younger ones that life is meant to be lived, not to be given up like this. I was listening to an audio tape....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Seven shows of success and support

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Zindagi Live is seven episodes old now. And for a show such as this, it's still in its infancy. Some of you have asked whether we read your comments or not. Yes we do. And we also discuss each feedback with the team. The response we have been getting from our viewers is very encouraging for my whole team. When we started working on Zindagi Live, we knew we wanted to do something different, we had a picture in mind. With every shooting schedule, we are trying to make the picture more beautiful. For a TV show, its success is measured by its TRP. But for Zindagi Live, its success is when a viewer called me from Guwahati to say that his son is an alcoholic for last 15 years, and finally Zindagi Live has shown him a way out. He wants to get his son into....

Saturday , October 13, 2007

Celebration of Life

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On one of our shoots of Zindagi Live, a lady guest said to me: "I am a common woman, you made me a celebrity." The happiness on her face was clearly visible. Her sadness had been forgotten for the time being. She felt like a celebrity just by the way team Zindagi Live treated her. I thought about it later. Who is a celebrity? Aren't all the people who have appeared on Zindagi Live and shared their stories, celebrities in their own way? Life ofcourse is not a bed of roses. Some people get to walk the red carpets and are called celebrities, while others spend their lives fighting the daily roadblocks in the journey called life. For Zindagi Live, the latter are the celebrities. We wish to salute every such celebrity who has proved that life is to be lived in whichever way nature has given it to us....

Sunday , September 30, 2007

What's Zindagi Live about

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What is Zindagi Live all about? Everyone asks me this question these days. People have their opinions about the topics that we choose, some people who come to participate as audience also look forward to a debate on a topic of their choice. Zindagi Live is not a debate. Why argue about life? Then what makes it different? Why should anyone watch it ? Watch it because you might start seeing things in a new light from now on. If you have a neighbour who is old and lonely, you might just feel like going up to him, wishing him and spending a few minutes with him. Not that you were not sensitive earlier, but may be you just didn't notice or didn't get the time. The topics are not new, the subjects have been there for years, discussed upon,....

Thursday , September 13, 2007

A Learning for Life

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Getting to anchor Zindagi Live has been the biggest learning experience of my life. It's tough to discuss issues which people don't even want to mention, events which they wish to forget, bitterness they no longer wish to remember... And here we are, prodding them on to reveal it all on camera, asking them them what happened, when it happened, what went through their minds. Asking them to relive their painful moments, honestly, is painful for us, too. But there's a reason behind our prodding. There are so many out there who relate to the stories we air, we want to tell them that if it's a struggle, go ahead, you will win for sure. We also want to people to reflect on aspects of others lives which may otherwise go unnoticed. When I was working on an episode on old age, it....


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