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Megha Mamgain
Thursday , February 12, 2015

Love Ballad for your Valentine

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Look beyond the movie and dinner date this 14th February, and sink into the comfort of a lazy boy chair and into the world of drama, costumes, music and larger than life romance at the Kingdom of Dreams, Zangoora. If you are a sucker for the shudh - desi - love then this is a treat for all the senses. Even as you are entering the Nautanki Mehal, you know this is no ordinary show- The dancers, the masked gymnasts, the fire eaters are all out on the stairs of the impressive facade of the theatre, beckoning you in. The thump of the dholl intensifying the beat of your heart and getting you in high spirits. And as the magic unveils itself on stage, you are nothing but mesmerized. Be that the enchanting sets, the life size elephant throne, the revolving stage- Zangoora envelopes you completely and....

Friday , December 05, 2014

The case of Rohtak sisters: Heroes or Villains?

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Let me just ask you one simple question? And I say simple.. although I seriously believe it is anything but simple because everyone seems to know exactly everything about it. What is harassment or like everyone likes to call it "eve teasing"? What all can it encompass? Is it a touch, an 'accidental' shoulder brush, a pinch, or a verbal comment? Can it be a look, a gaze that rests on your breast or buttocks, can it be something that can be only and only between the harasser and the one at the receiving end? I can vouch that almost every woman will have experienced a time when she was "eve teased" and her partner or friend who she was with didn't even come to know. Such is the power of that one indecent look, or inappropriate touch or ill intentioned remark that it can completely strip a....

Monday , December 16, 2013

Nirbhaya: The fearless one

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In the ICU bed, fighting pain and tears, life support tubes running down her throat, she looked at her father and gestured to ask if he had eaten. It was the 25th of December 2012. Nine days ago, she had faced and braved torture and an act more barbaric than anyone could ever imagine. And yet she was there on the hospital bed, unable to move, not letting a tear drop from her eye, telling her parents that she will not give up. One year later, I am standing behind the camera and watching and hearing the parents talk about their lost daughter. The brave one, the Nirbhaya. As a television producer, I want them to give us emotional bites, I want them to face questions that dig deep as well as those that scratch the surface. And after my crew wraps up this interview, there are other....

Thursday , May 17, 2012

No sugar, no oil

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If you swear by your 'tadka' and 'chhauka' then here's something interesting for you. I learnt how to make a complete main course dish without a drop of oil or butter! I met Chef Glen, the executive chef at the Leela Palace, Delhi and together we made a fantastic vegetable sweet and sour with no oil, no processed sugar. The sweetness of the sweet and sour came from the ingredients we put. Into a hot pan went some tomato sauce. Direct, no cooking medium required. As the sauce simmered we put some apple puree and white wine. The fructose or the 'good sugar' in the apple puree gives the sweetness to this dish and completely eliminates the need to add the white or the 'bad sugar'. Next we put some garlic, and reduced the puree. We then tossed the veggies in - carrots, black mushrooms soaked in sherry, broccoli,....

Thursday , May 03, 2012


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Weight, inches, flab... these are words bound to be in a girl-to-girl conversation. I can hear them even now. "What's she doing? How did she loose so much weight??" Don't we all wish, that for once that b*** who manages to starve herself, manages to gym regularly, manages to cut the flab, was you? Well I am certainly not her, it has been a Mahabharat of a battle between me and my weight, all the time. Not all of us are lucky to get out of office in time for gym. And not all of us like to starve. But all of us can choose to eat healthy. And I'm making that choice. I'm on a hunt for healthy recipes, but I put my foot down for the taste. The food cannot be bland, it will not be boring and I will not settle for kitchdi! I'm....

Friday , March 23, 2012

CJ@6 Season

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Our show is special, and I don't say that because I work on it, but because it is, in true sense, a show that belongs to all of us. You the viewer, us the team, and all those who choose to pick up the CJ mike. You become the Citizen Journalist the moment you decide to do something more than crib. A garbage dump near your house, a file that doesn't move, bad roads, encroachment... anything that bothers you enough to stop complaining and to do something, can be your story. I, in my 5 years of being on the CJ show, have seen sweaty palmed, first-time-in-front-of-camera, every day men and women, transform into fiery journalists. I have seen them counter question authority, seen them march into offices, police stations with rolling cameras, thrust the mike in front of those accountable. And I have known that their passion....

Sunday , August 16, 2009

Freedom at last

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It is Independence Day. And independence means different things to different people...and different things at different times for the same people. When I came to Delhi for my first job, that's when I first thought I was independent. I had my own money to spend, and spend it the way I liked. Yeah, it took many movies and pizzas and eating out sessions for the independence to finally sink in. But after the first month, when the rent and the bills left me significantly bankrupt, I realized that independence without responsibility can be dangerous. A fact that was reaffirmed with a sudden 5 kg weight gain, followed by jaundice, which brought me skittering back home to my folks. But the jaundice got better and with several dozes of medicines and parental advice, I returned to the city. Till a month, while the whites of my....

Saturday , August 08, 2009

The last leg

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Hi everyone, I'm going strong with my last month of training. Last month, can you believe it? It's weights, power-plates and RPM! My trainer for this last leg is Ravi and he's made up his mind to make this as challenging for me as he possibly can. But rightfully so. Generally the first few kilos are the easiest to lose. And now I'll have to double the effort to lose weight. But I'm enjoying it and the very thought that it's the last few weeks has kept me going. Initially, I was apprehensive about doing weights. I mean, I do want to lose weight but I don't wanna be all muscled-up-and-Salman-Khan. Plus I've heard that if you leave weight training you become all flabby. But Ravi says that it's all a myth. The right amount of weights done the right way will only tone me up. It'll....

Saturday , July 25, 2009

It's show time

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Today's the big day...tonight's the night of the big performance...oh god! I'm nervous. It took a whole day of hunting in CP to find what I'm wearing tonight! I just couldn't decide. Suddenly there's so much that I can fit into...that it's quite mind boggling really...Finally (that reads- after about 25 shops and 4 hours) I got what I wanted! I have also been constantly calling my friends. These are my best buddies. Who've seen me at my fattest best and still loved me. Tonight I want them to see the different me, the more confident me, the slimmer me. I can't wait to see their reactions. Sushant will make an unfunny joke first...and Shitanshu will purse his lips and shake his head in fake exasperation...but then, I know, they'll love it! Netra, Neenaz, Gaurav...they're all coming. I just hope I don't disappoint Auritra. (Watch the show this....

Saturday , July 18, 2009

Dance baby dance...

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Hello people...first of all...accept my apologies for not writing last week. Well...it was only because so much was happening. Dance classes are going on in full swing...Auritra, my dance trainer, by the way, has decided that I'll put up a performance next week...so there'll be lights, music and me dancing...No, there's no 'yippie- ness!' about this. I'm totally nervous. I mean only two weeks ago, I took two hours just to learn my first jazz step, and now I'm expected to do a full song?? Ya..so I spent the whole of last week looking for that one song...I wanted something fun...something that I had heard a lot of times, so dancing becomes a little easy...and I was wracking by brains...(at one point even started considering I am a disco dancer) and then all of a sudden...I heard it...and the moment I did. I knew it was the one...I'd always....


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Megha Mamgain is a senior producer with CNN-IBN. She’d like to think that she contributes to a lot of the on-air craziness and creativity. On the channel you can catch her in many a different avtaar, sometimes hosting the CJ show, at other times trying out exotic recipes and locales for food and travel segments. Her reports are spunky, candid, and refreshingly entertaining, trademark Megha. She has trained in Indian classical music and has lent her voice for an award winning promo for IBN7.
A die hard foodie, she loves cooking and hopes to one day pen a book of recipes with drool worthy photographs. Megha loves traveling, books, movies and impromptu road trips. Her Cannon DSLR is one of her prized possessions but she still needs to decide what she likes more, to pose or click pictures.


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