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Bhupendra Chaubey
Saturday , May 17, 2014

What made Modi click

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In 2004-05, I used to travel much more than I do now. Perhaps it was due to less number of channels or maybe the economy was more vibrant. Newsroom managers wouldn't ask you too many questions if you just wanted to fly for a day to watch a political rally, not necessarily cover it. It was during one of these travels that I got the first hint of what was to come. BJP had lost power at the centre, Jharkhand was to be going to polls soon, LK Advani had come to campaign on the outskirts of Ranchi. The phrase NaMo hadn't been coined till then, LK Advani was the supreme commander of the BJP and sangh Parivar. Yet as LK Advani came up on the dias to speak, the man whose name was being chanted was Modi. Maybe the importance of what had happened at that rally in Ranchi....

Friday , April 27, 2012

An open letter to Sachin Tendulkar

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Dear Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Let me at the outset say that I look at myself as one of your biggest fans, just like the rest of the 121 crore people in India and many more across the cricketing globe. Since your debut in 1989, I have followed your career very, very closely. I am a part of a generation that has taken great pride in sometimes being called Tendulkar-Generation. Simply because like you grew in age and cricket, we too grew in life! I have considered every achievement of yours as my own. Every hundred, Every crucial knock, your decimation of Shane Warne in 1998, your top edged six of Shoaib Akhtar in Johanseburg in 2003 world cup semi final, Last year's double ton in Gwalior in a one day against South Africa, your milestones were our milestones. Yet, today, as I see the political class welcoming your move....

Thursday , November 03, 2011

Lessons from the 2G scam trial

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These are indeed extraordinary times. How else should one interpret the order that's been delivered while denying bail to the likes of Kanmozhi and others. This was a case where the CBI itself had taken a position that it wasn't opposed to bail being granted to the DMK MP in the 2G scam case. But the special sessions court Judge, Justice OP Saini, felt otherwise. The judge observed: "A murder may be committed in the heat of moment upon passion being aroused. An economic offence is committed with cool calculation and deliberate design with an eye on personal profit regardless of consequence to community. Rights of accused is important but rights of victims and witness is no less valuable..they should have a sense of safety and security. One way of generating a sense of security is to keep accused in custody till their evidence is complete." Let's....

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lessons from Radia tapes row

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I have been a TV journalist for over ten years. I have seen quite a few controversies and crisis. Political, social, financial! But for the first time, I am witnessing a controversy which is being driven by the media against the media. The infamous Nira Radia-Barkha Dutt-Veer Sanghvi tapes have been heard almost by the entire nation. NDTV even carried a portion of those tapes which were directed against Barkha and did a full panel discussion with editors questioning Barkha on the rights and wrongs. A few things need to be spelt out, which unfortunately have been lost out in the din. First, what are we talking about? Are we talking about corruption ? Or are we talking about media ethics ? Or are we talking about corruption which is a consequence of violation of media ethics ? Let's go by Barkha's defence. She refutes the allegation that she....

Friday , May 14, 2010

Playing musical chairs in Jharkhand

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Why does every one want a piece of the Jharkhand pie? It's a state which doesn't occupy mindspace for most of the year. But it grabs front-page headlines the moment there is a Madhu Koda, a Nirupama Pathak or a Shibu Soren kind of controversy. There is however another side to Jharkhand, and that is its mines, its rich natural resources. Iron ore, bauxite, manganese -- all elements which can produce millions and billions of dollars. Move a little away from capital Ranchi on the main highway towards Hazaribagh or Jamshedpur, the kind of natural beauty you will see post a few kms from Gola is something that you may not get in several other parts of the country. Every few kms you can see signboards of Arcelor-Mittal, Tatas and several other big corporate tycoons. All there to make the most of what the state's natural resources have....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why this is Shibu Soren's last chance

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To his supporters, Shibu Soren is known as Dishom Guru or the great leader. In the remote adivasi villages of Jharkhand, villagers will tell you stories of how after 'Bhagwan' Birsa Munda, Soren was the next best thing to have happened for the cause of Jharkhand. But despite all these accolades, Guruji has never really been able to enjoy the sweet taste of power for long. Whether at the Centre or in the state. His first two stints as chief minister of Jharkhand were rather brief. In 2005, he was CM only for a week, largely courtesy the then governor Sibtey Razi who swore him in despite the JMM-Congress combine having lesser numbers than the BJP combine. In 2008, his stint as CM lasted for a few months before he was ejected after losing a by-election. Shibu Soren's story is full of ironies. Way back in 1993, along with....

Monday , November 16, 2009

That numb feeling

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So here we are, marking the first anniversary of 26/11 strikes in Mumbai. I still vividly remember that Wednesday evening when mayhem struck the country. I was finishing off with the ten o' clock debate show when news first came in of gunshots having been heard in Colaba. My first response like that of several others, gangwar. Something that Mumbai has always been infamous for. Within ten to fifteen minutes, reporters in Mumbai started calling in with reports of gunfire being exchanged at other spots as well. One reporter mentioned Mumbai VT, (I always call it VT despite that famous landmark being renamed as CST) had been attacked by terrorists. That's when the gravity of the situation struck me. Mumbai had been targetted several times earlier, bomb blasts in market places, Gateway of India, trains, buses, taxis, all attacks in which the ordinary suburban Mumbaikar suffered. This was different! ....

Friday , August 14, 2009

BJP, the party with indiscipline

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It's back to the basics for the BJP. No, we are not talking about Hindutva here, but that simple thing called " indiscipline". A quick glance at the recent history of the BJP will convince you that the very basis of this party is actually indiscipline. Now, what you and I may call indiscipline might be referred to as a fight against injustice by some within the party. Right from the seventies when doyens like Vajpayee and Advani left the Jan Sangh on the question of dual membership, it was called indiscipline even then by some, but the Atal-Advani duo then were fighting for a cause. Cut to the present era, from Uma Bharti who famously strode out of the partyhead quarters in front of live TV cameras to Vasundhara Raje who is hell bent on going the Uma Bharti way, the pattern is the same. Party bosses crying "indiscipline.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From Ram Mandir to concrete jungle

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After a gap of almost two years, I am back in Ayodhya. Once again it's on the eve of another election. Over the last ten years, I have been travelling to Ayodhya quite regularly. Everytime I have been there, I have been struck by the sheer sameness of the place. Almost as if time has frozen here. Hindu scriptures show Ayodhya to be an "abhishapt", a "cursed" town. An eerie silence always engulfing the town. This time though there was a difference. Suddenly, as you enter Ayodhya, you don't get struck by the sheer number of security personnel hanging around the town, but students of Saket Mahavidyala chatting about their academics. Go a little further towards Hanuman Gadhi, and we meet a group of youngsters just milling around and having tea. The conversation inevitably veers around elections. Who is up, who is down? What about Ayodhya I ask, is....

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

When the off-side God cribs

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My dear Saurav I am not a Bengali so I don't keep a fast for you when you take guard on the cricket pitch. Nor do I follow you whenever you step out of your palatial bungalow in Behala. I don't go to your restaurant in Kolkata which is one of the most famous destinations for most bongs in Bangla land. But like millions of cricket lovers in this country, I follow every stroke you play, every time you danced down the track to pulverize a hapless leg spinner, every time you played that magical cover drive on the off side, the sight of which was as beautiful as Lord Byron's poetry. So on this Maha Ashtami day, when you have decided to quit your international career, here is an ode from me on behalf of the entire cricket loving community of India. You....


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