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Thursday , January 08, 2015

A worthy successor to Dravid, waiting for KL Rahul's call

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Today was a very cold morning in New Delhi. When I woke up at 6 o'clock, the temperature was 6 degrees Celsius. But, I was both anxious and eager. I wanted to watch 22-year-old young man KL Rahul hitting his maiden Test century against the mighty Australia in Sydney. After he failed in his first Test at Melbourne, I was very disappointed. When the selectors ignored that and decided to give him one more chance, I had actually heaved a sigh of relief. I knew that today was a 'do or die' day for Rahul. He had to score at least half a century to retain his hard earned position in the team. He did not disappoint me and millions of Indian Cricket fans.
He not only batted with supreme confidence and ease, but also hit his maiden Test....

Thursday , October 16, 2014

A suicide in Mysore and perceived 'honesty' of an IAS officer

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A sad incident has taken place at Mysore on Wednesday. A senior state government official Venkatesh has committed suicide. He was allegedly driven to suicide by his boss and an IAS officer V Rashmi Mahesh. Local media in Karnataka has gone to town with the 'attack' on the IAS officer V Rashmi Mahesh at his funeral place. Fine, attack is a crime and the attackers have to be punished. But, it was not a murderous attack. Angry people tried to slap her or hit her with chappals. It was just an emotional outburst. People routinely throw slippers, ink, shoes etc at our big leaders. It is a form a protest. The attackers were blaming the IAS officer for the suicide of their relative or family member. They are still accusing her of abetting his suicide. This angle has also to be seriously investigated. I am not defending the....

Saturday , April 12, 2014

HY Sharadaprasad who did not write and Sanjaya Baru who wrote

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Sanjaya Baru, former media advisor to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has just dropped a bombshell by releasing a tell - all memoir about his years in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO). Some of the startling revelations he made in his book 'Manmohan Singh - The Accidental Prime Minister' is causing a huge embarrassment for the Congress, particularly its president Sonia Gandhi in the time of general elections. No media advisor to the Prime Minister before Baru wrote a memoir about his days in the PMO. H Y Sharadaprasad, is the most erudite and the most powerful media advisor to the Prime Minister till date. A scholar par excellence Sharadaprasad was media advisor, spokesperson and principle speech writer of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for 15 years and later held the same position under son Rajiv Gandhi, who succeeded her as the Prime Minister in 1984. ....

Saturday , January 04, 2014

A house for Mr Kejriwal, futility of competitive austerity

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Referring to Mahatma Gandhi's austerity, Sarojini Naidu, freedom fighter and a close associate of Mahatma had once famously said "it costs a lot to keep him poor." There is no doubt that Mahatma Gandhi personified simplicity and humility in public life. He is its gold standard. But, some of his austerity measures like drinking goat's milk, walking long distances etc were not really too austere or simple. The newly elected chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal considers Mahatma his inspiration and guide. He won the election by promising a simple and accountable government. In his eagerness to distinguish his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) from other well established 'arrogant' political parties, Kejriwal is encouraging a competitive austerity. He came to Ram Leela Maidan in Old Delhi to take oath as chief minister by a Metro. Some alleged that a separate Metro was arranged for him. According to some reports,....

Friday , October 11, 2013

Malala not a Nobel? - Wisdom wins over populism

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"His (gunman) hands were shaking. It is not easy to kill" - Malala Yousufzai - Certainly, these are not the words of a 16 years old girl or a boy. The words of profound wisdom are not a kid's play. Malala started talking like an elderly pacifist after she recovered from that fatal attack on her a year ago. Perhaps, she was readying herself for the International honours including the Nobel Peace Prize, which she has just missed. It is a pity that Malala is no longer a child and she has become an international brand. The western media is accused of weaving heroic stories around her to make her a symbol of Muslim women's fight against the 'barbaric' Taliban regime. - The public opinion across the World has been sharply divided over Malala's new elevated stature. Malala's admirers describe her as a rarest of the rare girl....

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Rahul Gandhi shows who is the real boss, PM looks even more pathetic than what we think

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The withdrawal of the ordinance to protect the convicted politicians by the Union Cabinet has cleared all doubts over the real boss once and for all. The Congress Vice President, who is accused of exercising his unlimited authority and Veto power has done it again. In his eagerness to prove his supremacy, he has done an irreparable damage to the institution of Prime Minister's office and completely undermined the powers of Dr. Manmohan Singh. The Congress party which treats the Prime Minister with contempt started rallying behind Rahul Gandhi, the heir apparent to Congress' throne, after he publicly castigated the Central government headed by the PM. The Prime Minister who has been in the office without any real power for the past nine and a half years does not seem to worry about his stature and legacy. In his press meet on the way back from the USA,....

Monday , May 20, 2013

Karnataka - An outsourced Congress government?

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DK Shivakumar, one of the most powerful Vokkaliga leaders and a six-time MLA was in the race for the Chief Minister's post till last week. He has now failed to secure even a ministerial berth in the Siddaramaiah Cabinet. Charges of corruption against him forced the Congress high command to drop his name from the list of ministers. Another strong man of Congress from Bangalore R Roshan Baig has also missed his chance of becoming a senior minister on alleged corruption charges. Mining baron Anil Lad has also been denied a ministerial berth because of his alleged involvement in the mining scam. According to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, he has been forced to keep at least five powerful Congress MLAs out because of pressure on him not induct 'tainted' people. Siddaramaiah's 28 members strong Karnataka Cabinet is now being described as a very weak ministry in the....

Friday , March 15, 2013

In Karnataka, the lotus won't bloom this summer

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First things first. The BJP can see the writing on the wall and realise that the urban local body poll results are the beginning of the end of saffron party in Karnataka. Political pundits and political leaders are having a field day analysing the results threadbare with their own versions. Any sane person in Karnataka will agree that the current BJP government is the most corrupt since Independence. Such a discredited party does not need any other reason to pack its bottomless bags and leave. In 2008, the BJP came to power on its own due to various reasons. BS Yeddyurappa used Kumaraswamy's betrayal to the hilt. He campaigned like a man possessed. He cleverly managed moneybags, disgruntled leaders in the Congress and played the Lingayat card by publicly winning the support of powerful Lingayat mutts across the state. The voters also wanted to give a....

Monday , December 24, 2012

Public fury over Delhi gangrape case

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'Fasi do, Fasi do - death to rapists, death to rapists' - slogans continue to rent the air at India Gate to Vijay Chowk. Young people from all parts of Delhi descend over the heart of Lutyen's Delhi. They are angry, they are upset, they have no faith in the system and some want to change it over night. Twenty one-year-old Neha is from a South Delhi family. She is doing MBA at a prestigious college. She was upset that somebody asked her if she was from Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). "I don't belong to any party. I have no interest in politics. But, I want a safe city. I have come here on my own," she fumes. Nineteen-year-old Pinky is from Vinod Nagar in East Delhi. She works at a Super Market as a salesgirl. She was at India Gate....

Monday , February 20, 2012

Why Karnataka is not Gujarat Part Two

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On 13 February, I wished Pramod Muthalik a 'Happy Valentine's Day' in advance! To my surprise, Muthalik, whose Sri Rama Sene, known for its strident opposition to 'foreign culture,' was more than welcoming. When I asked him about this sudden change of stand, Muthalik said rather philosophically, "I tried my best to oppose such things in the past. The BJP government persecuted me for that. I have been facing more than 20 criminal cases slapped by the BJP government. The BJP government in Karnataka could be anything, but a pro-Hindutva government. It is a gang of criminals and people without any morality or committment to Hindutva ideology. Why should I suffer by opposing Valentine's Day or pub culture? I have decided to keep quiet this time. I want the people to kick this government out in the elections next year." After two days, Tehelka carried a cover....


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