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Sanjay Suri
Friday , July 27, 2012

Finding chinks in Dr Binayak Sen's 'chronic famine' theory

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It's true rather than traitorous to acknowledge that India will not win many medals at the Olympics. In track and field events we are almost not in the running at all in any sense. We're not the athletic sort and all around we see evidence of that. We think we were, most of us, just born that way, and then poverty did, or undid, the rest. We're not fit for the Olympics. The 'burgeoning' middle class has begun to show some muscle and movement and the beginnings of appearance in world sports but it's going to be some time before our national anthem gets played in the vicinity of five rings in the company of the best athletes. At the moment, after the decline of hockey, our medals have come in events for sahibs like shooting. The trouble with much of the burgeoning middle class is its burgeoning....

Thursday , October 29, 2009

1984 riots: The Lives of Others

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That phone call seemed to have brought the world around me crashing down. "Go check," a police officer called me a little after nine that morning of October 31 to say. "Indira has been hit by bullets. They have taken her to the Medical Institute." I headed off to AIIMS on my scooter fast as I could. The outside gates were still open, but the main block had been sealed off. We knew what was announced on radio only by early afternoon: that Indira Gandhi was dead, shot dead by two Sikh police bodyguards. The day went in gathering as much detail as I could about the assassination. But by evening the first reports of violence came in, from outside the Medical Institute. Sikhs passing by, heading home, many of them, were being attacked. And we heard the first of that slogan of murder that was to go....

Friday , October 02, 2009

India Post Pittsburgh

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The question raised was as big as which way the world is going. Given the G20 gallery, not too big a question perhaps. But that question, raised in Pittsburgh, has been answered in Surat - in some ways at least, and for now. Where India will find itself located on that spectrum from survival to success will all depend - and really all of it - on how much of a Surat India can do in the face of Pittsburgh. Just about every exporter around the world had made it their business, or their business dream at the least, to sell to America, confident of an unending American inclination to go on borrowing when they do not have, in order to buy what they do not need; or could at the least do well without. It was after all, The American Way. No more, said, President Barack....

Thursday , January 10, 2008

Bilawal no brat heir to a political throne

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Bilawal seems to have disappointed media critics who besieged him at his first international press conference in London Tuesday. "I'm sure you'll understand I'm nervous," he said disarmingly, and then proceeded to show no nerves at all. At 19, he handled questions with an ease and aplomb that politicians many years his senior often do not manage. Disappointing, visibly, to Western-bred media because he failed to live up to an image someone could hold up and scorn. Because that desire to scorn him was strong; just some brat heir to a political throne when democracy must produce no family heirs, the fumbling boy who ended up saying silly things, or nothing at all; the mindless pawn in the hands of self-seeking courtiers. Bilawal did better than all that. Do you fear for your life? "I fear more for my privacy," he shot back. And had he been handed....


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Sanjay Suri is political editor for Europe with the Network 18 group. He has been reporting on international affairs out of London for close to 20 years. He was earlier chief reporter with the Indian Express in Delhi. He has a master's degree in English Literature from Delhi University and in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics. He is also author of Brideless in Wembley, a collection of Indian stories out of Britain.


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