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Rahul Fernandes
Monday , January 17, 2011

Why the Mumbai Marathon is special to me

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My tryst with the Mumbai Marathon began in 2005, a few months after I first came to the City of Dreams. Since then I've done the half marathon four times and each of these runs have been special. As a sports journo, I've had the opportunity to meet world-class African runners, disabled Indian athletes and spunky octogenarians who've made the Mumbai Marathon their annual mission. The thought of running 42.195 km in the sapping heat of Mumbai has been a, well, distant dream. But then this is the City of Dreams. I went the distance on Sunday and crossed the finish line in 5 hrs 45 minutes. World class? No. But good enough to get me a medal that had the words 'I finished' proudly inscribed. But what is it that gets ordinary, irresolute people like me to attempt things that seem out of reach, if....

Thursday , August 19, 2010

A big thank you to Suraj Randiv

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Suraj Randiv has unwittingly served a reminder to the fat cats who've been running franchise-based cricket for the last couple of years. The message, though contrived, is heartening: nothing stokes more passion and pride than country-versus-country cricket. Look at the other protagonists in cricket's latest controversy. Tilakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakkara and Virender Sehwag. Dilshan, who reportedly came up with the idea of the no-ball that denied Sehwag his century, was one of the stars of Delhi Daredevils' fine run in the 2009 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). His captain happened to be none other than Virender Sehwag. Kumar Sangakkara, on the other hand, was anointed captain of Kings XI Punjab at the expense of local boy Yuvraj Singh. The only other foreign captains in the IPL were two legendary retired Australians. The rest have Indians at the helm. In fact, barring India, no country in....

Tuesday , August 10, 2010

Suresh Kalmadi: Sai, SAI, sigh!

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I come from the same school as Suresh Kalmadi and have spent a large part of my life in Pune, a city he has a very strong connect with. With due apologies to everyone associated with St Vincent's High School, I can't help but join in the chorus asking for Kalmadi's head to be put on the chopping block. My reasons, though, have little to do with the Commonwealth Games. But before I launch into a venomous attack, I must clarify that my allegations aren't substantiated. At best, they represent what many Puneites suspect anyway. Known to have a keen interest in sports, Kalmadi should really spend most of his time worrying about the goings on in the Sports Authority of India (SAI). But his actual interest lies in Sai Service, a dealership of Bajaj Auto and Maruti Suzuki in Maharashtra and Goa. What's wrong....

Thursday , March 25, 2010

6 things I hate about the IPL

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The facts first: I've not missed a single IPL match this season. I'm a cricket junkie. And I quite like the IPL. However, I've somehow developed a love-hate relationship with Lalit Modi's billion-dollar baby. Here's why... Aankhon-Dekha (Be)haal Have you dared to tune into the Hindi commentary? Arun Lal, Atul Wassan, Saba Karim and Co have forced me to use the mute button. To say they are intolerable is putting it very mildly. If you want to speak in Hindi, please go ahead. But don't call a bread-and-butter shot 'nashte ka shot'. I prefer watching the games on YouTube (despite the five-minute delay and my poor wi-fi connection) just to hear the English commentary. Environmental Tokenism The IPL has tied up with the UN Environment Programme ostensibly "to become one of the most environmentally-friendly major sports events in the world and bring environmental awareness to millions of sports....


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Rahul is a product manager with in.com. He began his career as a journalist with The Indian Express and later moved to The Times of India in Mumbai, where he was a chief sub-editor. He then went on to pursue an MBA from the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad. He's a Goan by tradition, Lucknowi by birth, works in Mumbai and spends Sundays at home in Pune.



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