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Shubha Shetty-Saha
Monday , January 10, 2011

Is SRK a bad loser?

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Now that Saurav Ganguly has embarrassingly gone unselected at the high profile IPL auction, quite a few eyebrows are raised and a few bold fingers are pointing at Shah Rukh Khan. SRK's company which owns the team Kolkata Knight Riders not only didn't retain the once upon a time captain of his team but didn't bid for him as well. The general perception is that SRK and Ganguly didn't get on too well during their stint together and SRK decided to dump him, even when Ganguly was the one of the topmost run getters at the IPL games last year. It's a known fact that SRK hates losing perhaps a little more than others do. I remember him telling me in an interview soon after a humiliating loss at the IPL, "I cry when I lose. I think if you hate losing bad enough, you end up winning.....

Saturday , December 25, 2010

Why oh why, Farah?

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I remember the time when Main Hoon Na released. Skeptical and curious about a choreographer turning director, I was sitting in a Dubai theatre with a bunch of as-crazy-as-you-get Shah Rukh Khan fans. Amidst the hooting and impromptu dancing, I had one of the best times ever in a movie hall. I came out with a spring in my step and still laughing aloud. Here was a director who spoke directly to me, shared my passion for old Hindi cinema, and cracked my kind of jokes. And then came Om Shanti Om and I loved that one too. The jokes cracked me up again and the emotions got me all teary eyed. So, needless to say there were lots of expectations from Tees Maar Khan. And all I am still left with after a day of watching it, is utter disbelief. What happened to our shared sense of....

Thursday , December 23, 2010

Priyanka Chopra's mysterious love life

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Priyanka Chopra on Karan Johar's show the other day, was a sight all right. She agreed to come on the show with her on-off or is he, is he not? boyfriend Shahid Kapur. And that's all the coup that she was ready to spring us with. When asked about her relationship with the man, she veered between being defensive and beating around the bush so much that it started getting annoying, after a point. That brings us to the question - Does an actress really need to be coy about her love life in this time and age? I remember Madhuri Dixit in her heydays telling me that she has not dated anyone ever. And I had come back with my mouth hanging in surprise. 'All these years and she hasn't dated anyone? Impossible', my ever-so-practical friend had pooh-poohed it right away. 'Why not? If Sonali Bendre can....


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