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    After becoming an expert in the hook shot that ends in a six over the third-man boundary and scoring a few goals in hockey after all the hard work was done by the other 10 players, I confessed to myself that studying the two games from the ropes was a better option. Though I wish I had started that process earlier than 1996, around 15 years of watching, reading and sometimes still practising that 'hook shot' over has allowed me this space on Cricketnext and IBNLive to write and get read.

    Death is not unusual. Every day, every minute, people, of every age, die. When timely, it's accepted as 'had to happen'. But when untimely, we

    Untimely calls for Dhoni's head

    Tuesday Aug 19, 2014

    You change a captain on performance grounds in two cases: (a) if he continues to fail as a skipper after his appointment or (b) when

    Tendulkar, the constant

    Monday Nov 18, 2013

    Now that he's gone, it will hit us. At no. 4, for 24 years, on those 22 yards, he was there. But won't be now;

    I am saddened. The foundation of my fancy for cricket has taken a beating. It's shaken up, still jarring as I speak. Not because the

    The punter and the journalist

    Thursday May 23, 2013

    It took close to 14 years, since the Mohammad Azharuddin episode in 1999, for a first-of-its-kind crackdown on the betting mafia, which has had contrasting

    There's some sort of nervousness circling Indian preparations as England set foot through the Gateway of India for a four-Test series. Gautam Gambhir

    This is hurting - excruciatingly so. It's hard to picture a struggling Sachin Tendulkar, agonising to actually watch it. But this can't continue. The end

    The other day my son was learning how to cycle - to put it right, the act of balancing. "If you don't pay attention, the