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K Kavitha Rao
Tuesday , November 15, 2011

Our Prime 'Flip Flop' Minister on Telangana

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12/11/2011: "Telangana is a complicated issue. Creation of a separate state will not solve the problem. Solving one national issue should not create more problems. A solution acceptable to every one is being worked out. From the frying pan to the fire is not an appropriate solution to the national problem." 20/10/2011: "Telangana issue is from 1950. Because of various complications involved in the issue, immediate decision on Telangana is not possible." 6/10/2011: "Need to make a decision on Telangana soon. We are trying to get consensus on this issue." March 2010: "Telangana is the oldest demand, and it can't be compared with demands for other states and has to be dealt with separately." These are the statements of our honorable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the Telangana issue. One can understand the flip flop nature of our Prime Minister when we go through the above....

Tuesday , March 15, 2011

Telangana wants a state, not statues again

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It comes as a shock to us that the government of Andhra Pradesh is planning to release Rs 78 lakh to reinstall the statues on Tank Bund in Hyderabad that were demolished on March 10. This amounts to nothing less than provoking the people of Telangana even more. What happened last week on Thursday was an expression of people's anguish. No political leaders or cultural troupes were allowed on Tank Bund by the police. As a result there was no one to guide the emotionally surcharged crowd. What happened thereafter was unfortunate and we feel for it. But then one also needs to remember that the Tank Bund is in Hyderabad and therefore in the heart of Telangana and when the people of the region find 26 of the 33 statues are of people from the other two regions, it does make them angry. We want....

Saturday , January 08, 2011

The tale of Telangana

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Now the crucial " Sri Krishna Committee" report is out on Telangana. The whole country's focus has shifted to the Telangana issue once again. But for the people of Telangana, this has been a long drawn fight of 54 years. As a result of this fight, on December 9, 2009, Government Of India announced the formation of Telangana state after consulting all the political parties in AP. It also reiterated its promise in both houses of Parliament on Dec 11th and 12th of 2009. There was a stiff opposition within the Congress party to this, from the coastal MPs. The Congress party failed to control the opposition by their own MPs against Sonia Gandhi's decision, thus the Sri Krishna committee was formed. From day 1, i.e. right from the guide lines given to the committee (TOR) and the legal sanctity of the committee every thing was done....


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Kalvakuntla Kavitha Rao is the second child and the only daughter of K Chandrashekara Rao, founder of TRS. Kavitha studied at the University of Misisippi in the USA. She is also a part of her father's Telangana movement. Kavitha lives in Hyderabad.


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