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Mahima Sharma
Sunday , June 19, 2011

Is drinking alcohol about Senses or Sensibility?

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What is the right age of drinking alcohol? Much has been debated over the last week but the issue still remains on 'a high' after actor Imran Khan recently filed a PIL in the matter. Celebrities like Big B Amitabh Bachchan and actor Raveen Tandon sided with Imran's views. And soon after Maharashtra's Social Welfare Minister Shivajirao Moghe hit back at Bollywood stars saying that movie stars should be creating awareness on the dangers of alcohol consumption. All those holding a toast to Maharashtra government's decision, I guess, feel that 25 years is more sensible to handle you Ps and Qs then 18. Ahem...if some of you agree with Mr Moghe and his lawmaker colleagues, then let me here bring you a real life case of Ramesh Babu, husband of a maid who works in my locality in the South Delhi area. The man comes drunk every evening....

Friday , March 25, 2011

Martyrs, Mohali match and me

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"Wants all those pasting 'patriotic' messages on their walls to know that the day to pay homage to the real patriots was yesterday - 23rd March. Today is just a cricket match," said my friend Sumit Singla's status (sic) at Facebook on Thursday just when India were trying to root the Aussies on field at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad. (For those unaware/forgotten - 23rd March was the Martyrs Day when freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru chose the noose over freedom from jail for struggle to get the Nation freed from the Brits) But when the Indian innings began, Sehwag looked clearly tense and unsure...an so did umpteen Indian fans who just wished India to win at any cost. And few hours later Yuvi hit the winning boundary and National Anthem rang in every Indian's heart. Social network sites were filled with congratulatory messages and prayers for India....

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Insensitive to Delhi women, who?

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"Delhi is insensitive to women; they feel safer in other metros" that's what Delhi CM Shiela Diskhit had to say responding and so-called condemning the broad day light murder of Delhi University student Radhika Tanwar who lost her life ironically on International Women's Day. What a comment! What a reaction?! Women feel safer in other metros for sure...but what has the third time CM of Delhi, Ms Dikshit ensured Delhites in the past decade? Why can't women feel safe here in the national capital? Meera Sharma from South Delhi says, "It has been 13 years since we migrated to the city; and it is growing from bad to worse. I still fear for my two daughters when they venture out late evening...rarely. And now shall I worry even during the day? In Radhika's case it is too sensitive for the chief minister to make such an irresponsible remark." ....

Saturday , February 26, 2011

And we 'forgot' the Dantewada massacre

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After all the hype over naxals abducting two government officials including Orissa's Malkangiri collector Vineel Krishna, reports come in that the Centre was not in favour of Orissa government striking a deal with Maoists for the release of its two officials in exchange for the freedom of some top Maoists from its jails. Home Minister P Chidambaram is understood to have spoken to Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and urged him not to set precedent by striking a deal with the Maoists that would put pressure on other governments in a similar situation. But the compromise did happen right under the nose of the centre and the media. No wonder, Maoists violence continues unabated in Left-wing extremism affected states. More than 1,000 people have lost their lives in Naxal violence and 782 people were kidnapped by the rebels in 2010. With the "precedent set by Orissa govt", more is....

Monday , February 21, 2011

Cricket bowls out National Games; media blamed!

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After a hectic day on 19th February, when I tried to get some piece of news for my daily updates, all I could get is some ten minutes of time, since the family and guests were watching the opening match of the World Cup. Who would miss India vs Bangladesh with Sehwag in great form! And I, no cricket lover, took my cousin's laptop for some news updates. The top story was still the same even on the web. I did not have to go far back in time when other sports got an advantage over our 'national' game - cricket. Suresh Kalmadi did great loss to the nation, but I often ask myself if the CWG 2010 could have managed to get all the limelight without his scam? Would the other games be highlighted the way they were during the CWG, if the world did not have....

Friday , February 18, 2011

Facing inflation with dignity, but for how long?

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This Sunday afternoon, it was all dripping with unexpected showers taking the national capital in its humid lap. A lazy afternoon that urged me to relax over a hot cup of coffee, but taking a stride to the nearby Cafe that day was not that relaxing as it felt it would be - rather it was painfully shocking. Just at the entrance we met a woman picking up the leftovers from the cafe dustbin. A disturbing sight indeed that changed the relaxing mood to a thoughtful one since she was quite neatly dressed and did not seem to be a usual beggar or rag picker for that matter. She tried to cover her face when she realised our stare. Not bothering her much, my neighbour and I decided to follow her act from the corner of our eyes. She picked out half-eaten stuff discarded by many like....

Monday , February 14, 2011

Time for an Egypt in India?

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Just 18 days of massive protests toppled the 30 year-old regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak who has gone down into history books. The 'Nile Revolution', as it is widely referred to, got the better of a dictator who refused to budge initially, but had to bow down to the "people's power." The mighty Egyptian President who survived as many as six violent attempts on his life was ultimately ousted by a non-violent movement. This will surely give Mahatma a reason to smile in the heaven. As Egypt rejoices and celebrates the ouster of the dictator, India welcomed the decision of Mubarak to step down "in deference to the wishes of the people of Egypt." Back home, opposition parties in the country are capitalising on the Egyptian people's revolution. Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh urged his party men to launch an agitation to paralyse the state....


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