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Robin Pathak
Friday , May 06, 2011

Air India to be gifted away?

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The current crisis in the national carrier Air India is a carefully crafted design to make a mess in the airline, malign it and the hand it over with huge infrastructure and assets worth thousands crores of rupees to the private hands on a platter. A group of politicians and bureaucrats joined hands to scrap Air Corporation Act of 1953, allow the private airlines to come into being, favour them to overgrow gifting them the profit making routes at the cost of national airline, then pass on the highly profitable Airports to private operators thereby complete their mission of handing over the entire civil aviation industry to the chosen private hands. The immediate cause of the trouble in the national airline can be traced to senseless merger of the two wings of airline i.e. erstwhile Indian Airlines and the Air India. It is not that the country does not....

Tuesday , May 03, 2011

What ails National Airline Air- India

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These days it has become a fashion to yell asking for shutting down National career Air India. Some with vested interest, while majority others without any rationale. But the point is do we need a National Airline? Do many countries in the world have national airline? 'Yes' Countries like France, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, China, to name a few, have their national airlines They not only take pride in them, they also underwrite some of their some of their expenses. These countries entrusts the management of the airlines to the professional managers making them fully accountable. But in the process of running the airlines there is absolutely no interference from the government Well, in response, one can consciously say that in a huge country like ours there certainly need for National Airline. 1.There are many inaccessible areas in the country, connectivity to these places is provided only....


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