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Subir Bhaumik
Monday , July 29, 2013

Bangladesh 'most trusted' by Indians

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Guess the country Indians trust the most - surely not where they prefer to travel for higher education or health care or with whom they trade most. A recent survey on foreign policy issues indicates most Indians trust neighbour Bangladesh the most. And not unexpectedly, Pakistan the least. The CNN-IBN-The Hindu Election Tracker Survey, conducted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, has revealed that while 37 per cent of India's voters feel that relations with neighbours have improved under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's UPA coalition government, only 19 per cent disagreed with the proposition. When asked which countries should India either trust a 'great deal' or 'somewhat', 48 per cent chose Bangladesh while 46 percent picked Russia. This is somewhat surprising considering that leading Indian parties like the biggest Opposition BJP have run a persistent campaign about illegal migration from Bangladesh and previous....

Monday , May 09, 2011

Operation Blackjack: Lessons for India

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The surgical commando strike that killed Osama Bin Laden at his Abbotabad mansion has demonstrated that the US is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve its key objectives in the war against terror. Apart from destroying the most dangerous icon of 21st century terrorism, the US forces have also returned from the swift raid with huge information of great intelligence value. More than anything else," Operation Blackjack " has demonstrated the value of precise covert operations in the war against terror. The fact that the American counter-terrorism czars ruled out high altitude bombing or a drone attack to avoid collateral damage and settled for a helicopter-borne attack proves that what counts in the fight against terror is precise quality intelligence and the capability for a quick and sharp focussed attack with highly skilled and motivated special forces. If one has to take out high value targets like Laden....


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Subir Bhaumik is a former BBC correspondent and author of 'Insurgent Crossfire' and 'Troubled Periphery' . He is a former Queen Elizabeth House Fellow at Oxford University and an Eurasian Fellow at Frankfurt University.


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