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Friday , December 02, 2011

Michael Keaton is my favourite Batman

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It will be 2012 in a few weeks and we can all wait for 'The Dark Knight Rises' and if the stories are correct - Christopher Nolan's Batman - Christian Bale will be hanging up the black cape. Will there be another Batman? We can't be too sure. But looking back at the Warner Brothers' Batman saga that kicked off in 1989 - 23 years down the line - who is your favourite Batman? I remember watching the 1989 'Batman' in 1992 sitting in the school auditorium on Children's Day. We had all been thoroughly embarrassed at the kissing scene between Kim Basinger and Michael Keaton and none of us could fully gather why she was shown waking up in the next scene. Why did she go to sleep - we wondered. That was my first initiation in to the world of the caped crusaders.....

Monday , October 17, 2011

10 ways to find out if you are dating a superhero

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Video game characters coming to life (RA.One), superheroes being jobless (Hancock), chemical transformations that turns a scraggly kid in to Captain America over night, very normal looking mutants (Magneto and Professor Xaviers)! Well ladies you may never know if you are dating a super hero! Here are 10 pointers that may help you unearth his superhuman secrets. 1.He is either super rich or totally poor. (No middle class superheroes) He used to be a dork and is now a muscular dork. If he is super rich he has this parallel universe under his mansion that you may accidentally slide in to while trying to find your way to the bathroom in the dark. Alternately - all he has is a hole in the wall as a room and a costume that he stuffs in to some corner somewhere and swings himself off buildings to work. ....

Friday , October 07, 2011

5 reasons why female superheroes don't work

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I think Phoenix from X-Men is one of the most brilliant comic book creations in the super-hero universe. I wish Storm had more screen time as compared to Cyclops and Wolverine. I wonder what Rogue does with herself after she gives up her mutant powers. Just the way I wonder where Batgirl comes from, if there was more to Catwoman's transformation than the feline rescuers or whether Sue Storm ever gets to fly the craft in place of her husband. And under the same circumstances I also wonder why the female superheroes are never half as cool as the male counterparts! Clearly, all that tight latex or leather is not adding anything to that quotient! When asked - a man will candidly say - female superheroes are hot. They are meant to be pretty, busty women - with only a sliver of cool superpowers that the more....

Thursday , September 01, 2011

'W' for Wendetta: Do these studies hate women?

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- Women more stressed than men - It's official. Women drivers more accident prone - Women more likely to stray in relationships These are actual headlines. Over the last few months - our studies reveal - (all puns intended) - that there exists these battery of 'studies' that say things like the above mentioned lot. Whether they are true or not is secondary - but my question is - WHO funds these studies? And HOW much do they hate women? Ok, perhaps 'hate' is too strong a word - pray tell us dear researchers, WHAT exactly is the bone of contention? It seems that half these social-medical tests are waiting in the lab to unearth these vague, unfathomable female mysteries and guess what they came up with - - Women talk to....

Monday , August 29, 2011

Michael Jackson on his 53rd birthday: Forever the King!

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Happy Birthday MJ! If you were alive today - you would still be giving all the pop stars a run for their money! I thought long and hard as I sat down to write this...how did I remember Michael Jackson? The very first memories go back to watching his videos on MTV. I was only allowed to watch certain things on TV then - I don't know how his videos passed my mom's censor board. I remember - 'Heal the World' and I remember 'Beat It' and I remember 'Bad'. Well then, who does not remember 'Bad' - but for us kids who were born by the time he had a nice metal collection at home - it IS a big deal! My next memory of Michael Jackson was courtesy my college dance team. For one of the fests - our rather ambitious project was to recreate....

Tuesday , August 23, 2011

6 Facebook etiquettes for starters

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Ever since its inception in 2005 - Facebook has come a long way. A lot has changed in the interface, the applications have doubled and privacy options have been stepped up. For good reasons I bet! When these days - we spend almost 12 hours on Facebook - perhaps more for some people (like me - judge me if you want!); our daily life etiquettes and manners should apply to our virtual avatars as well. It's only fair! Who we are, what we say, how we behave in normal lives with other beings - face to face; the same rules should apply in the 'social network'. Just because 'virtuality' prevents physical assault - that does not mean we may incite one to think it. So, about 11 years since its birth - we must list some Facebook etiquettes for good measure... 1. Do not tag people....

Thursday , August 11, 2011

Has social networking lost its shine after the London Riots?

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Twitter saved lives in the tragic moments after the Mumbai blasts last month and Facebook gave a platform to the Egypt-Libya uprisings. Blackberry Messengers seems to have dimmed the spotlight on the capacity and reach of social networking when it was used to induce violence and mindless looting in the Britain riots over the past few days. "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." -- V (V for Vendetta) (V here is paraphrasing John Basil Barnhill -- "Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.") Sometimes we forget what people can do. We forget the power of an angry mob. The power of an enraged crowd. The power of an active group. For perhaps, in the darkest moments of human history -- the potentially evil face of....

Thursday , August 04, 2011

Rock Stars: How many more are we going to lose to drugs and alcohol?

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The first I had heard the song- 'Use Somebody' - it was from this bunch of college musicians who were jamming in my living room. A complete addict for good lyrics - I was amazed by the simple honesty of it. "So, Kings of Leon is it?" I asked. And fast forward a decent few months - guess what's trending? 'Are the Kings of Leon breaking up?' You got to be kidding me, I muttered as I blazed through the report. "Fights. Broken limbs. Storming offstage. A canceled tour. America's biggest rock band has a history of infighting. Are the Followill brothers and cousin headed for a split?" Marlow Stern reports for the Daily Beast. (You can read the article here - http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/08/02/kings-of-leon-u-s-tour-canceled-amid-breakup-rumors.html) The rest of the America Tour was cancelled after a disastrous show where lead singer Caleb Followill passed out back stage after four....

Monday , August 01, 2011

My first ever Besharmi Morcha

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Watch out for the media! No really! Standing at Jantar Mantar on the hot July Sunday, you had to watch out for every step you took to save your head from a camera and not trip over wires. The Delhi chapter of the SlutWalk that originated from Toronto, finally hit the streets, ok, correction- street; on Sunday morning. The morning papers announced to potential participants that a 'walk' would not be allowed. The police were apparently worried about the safety of participants marching across the busy Sunday morning traffic. So the march that was supposed to start from Parliament Street and end in Jantar Mantar, was reduced to a stroll around the block. AND you had to keep to the footpaths. In the blazing hot sun and terrible humidity, the first sights were the OB vans, the cameras and then the people. At....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Expelliarmus critics! Countdown to the Potter Premiere

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With the Red Carpet Premiere a few tantalizing hours away - do you know what it can do to a hard core Harry Potter fan? My hands are already cold as I sit and type this and I simply cannot wait. And I also realize that there are at least seven people around me who could totally murder me if I spoil it for them. They could get one horcrux each! Speaking of spoilers - a few days back, a rather sour critic called the movie a flop. He apparently said that the special affects in the movie were to make up for the severe inadequacy in Rowling's writing. All I can say is - Expelliarmus! Unhand the bad vibes- this is one of biggest movies of the year. Fair enough, every lifetime you come across writers whose works capture the imagination and take over....


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