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    Suresh Menon is Editor, Wisden India Almanack, and author, most recently, of Bishan: Portrait of a Cricketer.

    There can be few more rewarding ways to spend an evening than in the company of some of the greatest spinners in the history of

    When the laws of cricket were first codified in 1744, there was no 'leg before' dismissal. In the revised laws thirty years later, the striker

    In an essay he wrote some years ago, Pico Iyer said, "In the mid-19th century, the British famously sent the Bible and Shakespeare and cricket

    Of the five Indian captains born in July, generous tributes have been paid to three of the more recent ones. Sunil Gavaskar, Sourav Ganguly and

    DRS lessons from the Ashes opener

    Monday Jul 15, 2013

    The two most important lessons from the Ashes opener in Trent Bridge are: a) there is nothing wrong with the DRS technology and b) we

    It is just over a hundred years since a world Test championship was played. Only a third of the Test countries today were playing then.

    Sometimes, in team sport, the past can sit heavily on the present. The team that won India's second World Cup contained the first player to

    It may be unsporting, even politically incorrect, to say this - but a larger cause might be served if India do not win the ICC