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Sriram Balasubramanian
Tuesday , April 14, 2015

Modi's foreign yatra: Justified for a rising superpower

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The aggressive foreign policy that has been undertaken by the government has been often criticized. Critics of the Modi government have suggested focus needs to be there on domestic issues such as a uplifting social indicators & the Land acquisition bill. While the critics have a point, they miss the broader theme behind these trips; they are aimed at elevating India's strategic & investment stature at the earliest possible time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited more than 13 countries since taking office which includes bilateral visits as well as multilateral summits across the world. The BRIC Summit in Brazil, the UN assembly session in the United States, the G-20 visit in Australia & also the SAARC visit in Nepal this year were some of the highlights of his foreign policy thus far. Mr Modi, currently on tour in Europe, is also expected to visit more than 10....

Sunday , February 08, 2015

The art of parachuting judgments about India

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The recent visit of the US President Barack Obama to India was a successful one with a lot of bonhomie generated with his Indian counterpart Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, recent comments by the President have evoked a sense of déjà-vu with the West once more. While there is no issue with Western leaders having a perspective on things, making a pronounced judgment on something sensitive post a successful trip is rather surprising. I don't blame Obama personally because of his need to pander the historical positions & political dynamics of the Democratic party in the US. However, it speaks of a broader double speak that the West has championed. Needless to say, this is trend of sweeping judgments has been apparent for centuries if not for decades. There cannot be a better example than that of Karl Marx as early as 1857. A large part of the Left....

Tuesday , November 11, 2014

#OccupyHong-Kong & ISIS: Two striking contrasts

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The protests that have engulfed Hong Kong are another indication of people power in the modern world. In an era where technology is playing a very proactive role in driving people power, the peaceful demonstrations in Hong Kong is a good indicator of strong social movements. In an era where the influence of ISIS is rampant in the Middle East, this proves more so that peaceful demonstrations do shake up countries around the world. In a recent research paper, there has been a robust statistical analysis which indicates how historical trends suggest that people driven movements are more effective in comparison to hate driven campaigns such as ISIS which have engulfed the Middle East. The growth of ISIS has not been an ad-hoc congregation of people with a violent bent of mind. It is a systemic organized and more devious version of the Al-Qaeda. It's ideological bent....

Thursday , April 24, 2014

The great social leveler: Our vote

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The Indian general elections, the largest elections in the world, are a festival in its own right. The 2014 elections, with its plethora of characters and fascinations make it one of the most interesting elections in recent times. More than anything else, the Indian election is the single biggest leveler for Indian humanity which is segregated into various layers in day-day life. As I walked into the polling booth, there was an unprecedented sense of equality that I envisage nowhere else. I had an auto driver who was standing behind me, a watchman standing in front of me, a corporate CEO standing two lines behind me and a homemaker two steps ahead of me. The fundamental right to vote has always been a virtue that is very intrinsic to the nation. Even though democracy has its own set of challenges, the democratic right to vote has been one of....

Saturday , March 22, 2014

Power of 49: The power and its mystique

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The world's largest democracy is bracing itself for the most anticipated event every 5 years. To keep things in perspective, almost 1 in 6 on earth would be voting this April-May 2014. More than the election extravaganza, this is the world's largest sociological exercise; an exercise that places everything else outside and puts the Indian at heart and mind while casting the ballot. As much as the focus on this has been the youth, there is a particular section of society which is slightly undermined yet equally important; the Indian women. India's pride has been its existential reverence for the females of the country. It is an existential fact, irrespective of whether popular media accepts it or not, that the Indian women is the epicenter of the Indian economy. She plays such an important role that without her neither the family nor the economics of the country can....

Saturday , February 08, 2014

Satya Nadella: Can the system claim the success?

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The appointment of Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO has been a breath of refreshing news amidst the state of business gloom in the country. As part of Indian diaspora's phenomenal professional growth in America, the appointment of Nadella reinstates the professional excellence that Indians can pursue abroad. However, this also poses pertinent questions on whether the Indian system can claim their successes. One of the major reasons that the Indian diaspora thrives (professionally not necessarily holistically) in the US and other developed economies is due to the ecosystem provided by these countries. The rise of Indian Americans such as Indra Nooyi, Sundar Pichai, Nilesh Arora and Satya Nadella reflects the true might of the American system. As most of these people would agree, the egalitarian and transparent professional atmosphere in America served as a fundamental base to their success. The emphasis on providing an equal opportunity to everyone is....

Monday , December 16, 2013

Nirbhaya: One year later

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It's been a year since the infamous Nirbhaya incident took place in the streets of Delhi. The events of December 16th last year shook the nation's conscience and triggered a women's rights revolution across the nation. The events that unfolded not only stirred the women's rights movement, it brought the issue to the national center stage. Has anything changed over the last one year? Why is this being depicted globally as a pan Indian phenomena? As always, more questions than answers. Ever since the incident last December, the number of rape incidents across the country has not decreased. According to the Delhi Police, there have been 1,493 cases in the last one year. Even though a new legislation has been brought into place to curb the menace, things seem to be worse because of various factors. One of the major factors is that the implementation of these laws has....

Monday , October 14, 2013

India's Phailin: System was the hero

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The nature of being a journalist or columnist is to introspect and look at the 'other side' of any particular situation. As such the loopholes of a system are more prominent than the achievements of the same system. However, there are times, one need to stand up and appreciate what the system does. Cyclone Phailin was a point in case. The cyclone was one of the most serious cyclones that this region has ever seen. It was estimated to have a landfall of 200 km/h and it was expected to cover almost the entire eastern coastline across Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. The cyclone was an extension of another cyclone in Thailand and turned towards India due warm water conditions in the Bay of Bengal. All of this would have been havoc in the India of yesteryear. A similar cyclone devastated the Eastern coastline in 1999 with similar speeds and covered....

Monday , September 02, 2013

India: The rape debate with a cab driver

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The economic rise of India in the first decade of this century has set off a wave of unprecedented expectations in the country. These expectations have had a profound impact on the socio economic balance of the country. As the juvenile accused of the Delhi rape incident was convicted for a meager 3 years, I tried to explore the entire social debate on rape through the prism of a cab driver. As I was travelling on the streets of Noida, I was able to interact with a cab driver on the lack of matching these expectations. The cab driver was a middle aged man with two kids. While I was discussing in staggered Hindi with the cab driver about the recent rapes in the country, I noticed two instant things. One, there was instant condemnation of the act and two, the reasons mentioned by him are deep rooted in....

Thursday , August 15, 2013

Independence Day: India Positive beneath the radar

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It's that time of the year once more. As the nation celebrates its 67st Independence day, there is a sense of pessimism that swirls the state of affairs in the country. Be it the political discourse or the economic realities in a recession bound world; the general impression is that positive things about the country are hardly heard in news discourse. In this context, I try to provide a few positive things about the country, positive anecdotes about 2 organizations and 2 individual people, things that would have beamed under the news radar. Akshaya Patra and the Mid-Day Meal Scheme: The Mid-day meals scheme is one of the largest found providing schemes in the world. Even though it was in the news recently for the wrong reasons, the government led scheme provides food to millions of children across the country. In partnership with the government, AkshayaPatra is one of....


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