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 Rohit Khilnani
Monday , August 27, 2012

RIP Hangal...Saab

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I have to be honest. My friends and I have often shared harmless laughs over the many jokes about AK Hangal and his age. Many of these have been trending on twitter for the past few days but many don't know that he knew about these jokes and had the good sense of humour to laugh at them too. How do I know this? He told me himself when I met him back in 2006 - my first and only brush with the grand old man of Indian Cinema. It all started when we were looking for some interesting stories for our Independence Day special. I couldn't think of any idea from entertainment but I told my editor that I would come up with something interesting soon. An old print journalist friend of mine told me, "Why don't you interview AK Hangal? He has been a freedom fighter....

Thursday , July 19, 2012

My brush with the original superstar - Rajesh Khanna

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As a film journalist who started out in the late 90s, I had only heard of Rajesh Khanna from my mother. I recall her telling me that she had seen every film, yes, every film of his. Most of these would be without a doubt for the first day first show at either Capitol Cinema, Liberty in South Bombay or Gaiety Galaxy in Bandra. I, however, began my career in the era of the Khans and had not seen the kind of fan following that my mother was talking about. Tales of girls marrying Rajesh Khanna's photograph and kissing his car, which by the end of the day would be full of lipstick marks, for me, were all just stories. My guess is that those were the days when entertainment reporting was in its nascent stages and the media universe comprised a few papers, magazines and, of course,....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heads Anna wins, tails Government loses

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Anna Hazare's fight against corruption is now a full blown mass movement. The country is with him and he knows that! From school and college students to members of the civil society, from Bollywood stars, business tycoons to the socialites every one has invited themselves to Anna's party. Check out the twitter trends. 1) Anna 2) Lokpal, 3) Kiran Bedi and even 4) Tihar Jail made it to the most talked about topics in the social media. Supporters of the anti corruption crusader gathered across the nation. Be it the national capital, business capital or even cities like Patna, Ahemdabad, Pune, Lucknow everywhere Anna was the talk of the town. But this blog is not about what he is doing right or what the government is doing wrong. This is about the large gatherings and thousands of supporters. I am wondering who these people are and where they are....


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