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Shabia Ravi Walia
Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New year, new light

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A very happy new year to all my readers, though the way the year ended there was little to cheer about. A parent losing a young child to someone's sick act is heart wrenching. I can feel the mother's pain who held her daughter's dead body while the whole world was making plans for the new year. My heart goes out to all parents who have felt helpless and torn trying to save their children from crime and its aftermath. Parents whose children have innocently become the victims of sick minded people and their sick ways. There is no greater sorrow for a parent than to carry his own child's dead body. May God give us all the strength to make this world a better place for our kids. Girl or Boy, the least we can give them is a healthy and safe environment to grow and live. On....

Saturday , December 01, 2012

Maid mania

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Ok, so my maid's having an affair or so I gathered. There are too many phone calls, sweet whispers into the night and generally a sense of happiness surrounding her. The calls and messages history is deleted everyday and the phones, in fact two of them, one given by me and one she's got for herself, are kept hidden from sight. But while she is humming 'Pyaar hua, chupke se', I am going mad singing 'Yeh kya hua, kaise hua, kab hua, kyon hua?'. She has a look of utter contentment on her face while my botox lines are deepening by the day. She is floating in air while I am sinking in the depths of darkness. Never has love bothered me so much. Not someone else's ever. At 37, I thought I had figured out the only love story that ever mattered to me, my....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Postpartum depression is a killer

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Lately I have been reading a number of news articles mentioning women unleashing atrocities on their newborns or new mothers committing suicides or mothers being delusional or depressed. All these incidents have been attributed to postpartum depression in one way or the other. Postpartum depression or symptoms related to it have often been ignored in our country. A pregnant woman enjoys all the attention when she is carrying the baby but once the baby arrives, the focus shifts. Mothers feel neglected by their spouses, relatives and families. Add to this the sleepless nights, challenges associated with handling a newborn and a woman's own hormonal upheaval which her body is going through. All this can make life of a new mother hell. Lack of sleep for days on end can drive a normal human being insane. One can't blame a new mother for losing her sanity or balance. And if....

Monday , October 01, 2012

From Mamma's girl to Daddy's girl!

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Ok, I have been missing for a long time. I have been busy getting my other baby on its feet! Not a baby literally, but my own media production house in place. But let me tell you the feeling's entirely the same. You conceive it, nurture it, make sure it grows well, keep it away from problems and then slowly and gradually it starts holding up on its own. From baby steps, it starts taking giant leaps and while you always have an eye on it, it carves out its own identity from being just an extension of you. And when it takes the first step, in this case when it is up for public viewing and is appreciated, you feel as proud and scared as you were the first time when your baby took its first steps. You try to shield it from the harsh public glare and....

Sunday , August 05, 2012

Walking the parenting tightrope

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After the various horrific incidents of girls being molested in different parts of the country, I received a forwarded message which said, "Don't curb your daughters' freedom, teach your sons to respect girls". It was one forwarded message which really made sense. For after every incident of violence and molestation against girls our natural instinct as parents is to set limits for our girls, prevent them from dressing up freely, warn them against the outside world etc, when, in fact, it should be the reverse. We as parents need to teach our sons to respect girls and treat them with equality. Gender biases often begin at home in our families. We allow our sons to have night-overs at friends' places, allow them to come home late, ignore their innocent acts of violence saying 'boys will be boys' while we don't let our girls stay out after evenings,....

Monday , July 23, 2012

The kiss of good health

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Well its been a long absence from the blog. Apologies but July has been particularly stressful as much as it was enlightening. The month began with my husband having a health scare in faraway Fiji where he is shooting his next film. The thought of him being far away, all alone battling pain while I helplessly worried and fretted here kept me awake for nights. The result was me coming down with a severe viral attack which after two days was passed on to my daughter. Oh it was terrible! As much as I tried to recover, her illness prevented me from getting the required rest prolonging my recovery period even further. So it became a serious cat and mouse game. I stayed awake to keep her comfortable at night all the while hoping that I would recover soon. Finally after a nightmarish week of suffering I started to....

Monday , July 02, 2012

Two is better than one

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I am in my late thirties and facing the eternal dilemma which every late parent faces. Should we have a second baby or are we now too old to be handling an infant? In today's age and with the pressures of modern life, by the time a couple settles down they realise that the early thirties have passed by. Add to it the fact that you have to have your own home before you have a baby. That adds another few years to this. Where will you keep changing homes with a small baby is the common question posed by all near and dear ones. So when you eventually have a baby in your arms, you have crossed 35. You are happy that you have a husband, a home and a baby. Your life is sorted. Till your baby starts growing up. From just needing you he....

Monday , June 18, 2012

Builders want you to have babies

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In 2006, after having invested all our life's savings and taking a huge home loan, we finally had a beautiful house in Mumbai. Our parents heaved a sigh of relief at us finally settling down. There's nothing more relieving for parents than to know that their kids have a house of their own in Mumbai even if the EMIs are enough to break their backs. Your own home is your own home even if it is small, they used to say. So we had uplifted ourselves in their eyes by buying this house barely a year after marriage. It seemed like our dream home. It was huge, spacious, in a good location and much bigger than most of our friend's flats. We often had people envying us and asking us to let them know if we ever wanted to sell it. We smiled in satisfaction. This was the....

Saturday , June 02, 2012

Solid issues with solids

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Okay this week's topic is something I get most asked about. When should I start my baby on solids? And my answer even in the dead of the night irrespective of who's asking me is 'only once they turn six months old'. But no matter how much I repeat this, mothers are still over enthusiastic about starting their babies on solids. The reasons could be many for this. One myth is that the baby will start sleeping the whole night once he starts solids, the other that he will get all the nutrition which he needs. Wrong on both counts. If a baby wakes up in the night hunger could be one of the reason but never the only reason. So, assuming that once you address his hunger issues they will start sleeping from 8 pm to 8 am is totally, totally wrong. Secondly there is no nutrition as....

Tuesday , May 22, 2012

Small little travelling buddies

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Now that the kids have their vacations, we went on a short two-day trip to Matheran. My mother, my daughter Sia, my 7-year-old nephew Kris, me and the maid took off for the nearby hill station about 2 hours away from Mumbai. Throughout the journey I was apprehensive about how I would manage with two kids and a mother with weak knees as Matheran does not allow cars beyond a certain point and the only mode of communication is either hand rickshaws or horses. But the kids laid to rest all my fears. While I cribbed about the clumsy hand rickshaws, the kids were super excited as the men pulled it along. For Sia it was the most awesome ride she had ever had. She screamed and shouted in excitement and the whole experience left her super thrilled. I was amazed at her sheer delight. Ditto at....


More about Shabia Ravi Walia

Shabia Ravi Walia is a media professional for the past 15 years. Dabbling in production, creative direction and writing, she has equal experience in both genres of fiction and non fiction. Over the years she has worked on various reputed non fiction shows like Surabhi and The Good Food Guide for Siddharth Kak, Movers and Shakers on Sony TV and well known fiction shows like Siddhanth, Kumkum, Ek thi Rajkumari, Mile Jab Hum Tum etc. She was amongst the core team who launched Sahara Samay in Mumbai for Sahara Television.

She satiates her love for writing by providing content for websites, copywriting for corporate films and penning down short skits and poems.

Currently Shabia works in the content division of a leading television channel. However her biggest achievement till date as considered by her, is the birth of her baby Sia and penning down the experiences associated with it in the form of her bestselling book 'Mamma Mania.' When Shabia is not rustling up stories, she loves to whip up a storm in the kitchen or put on her dancing shoes and burn the dance floor. Shabia lives in Mumbai with her husband Ravi and daughter Sia and is already planning her 2nd book.



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