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Ankit Tuteja
Thursday , March 29, 2012

Read this before you buy an MP3 player

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Finally, I have my MP3 player. Buying an MP3 player is a no big deal, but it becomes when you look out for the best deal that can offer you value for your money. Recently, I was prompted by a desire to have a portable music player, but to decide which one to opt for took a long time. It is quite obvious that when choices are ample, you often get bewildered to make up your mind that which one to invest in. While I was mulling over available options, many people including friends and colleagues suggested me to go for the popular ones i.e. Apple's iPod or Sony's Walkman series or Philips' GoGear series - because of their reliability and durability. Though I took them under consideration, but I was not highly convinced. The first reason was the lack of features and the other was their high prices. ....

Thursday , March 22, 2012

Enough of Samsung Galaxy S III rumours

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Samsung, rumours are rife, come out now. This is what people want from Samsung now. Believe it or not, but now is the right time for Samsung to come up with an official announcement for its next-gen flagship smartphone, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It is a good publicity stunt to let the rumours build, as it develops both - the curiosity of consumers and the value of the product - but the smartness lies in bashing rumours, when they are plethoric, and uncovering what people have been looking for a long time. The company, which has sold over 20 million units of the Samsung Galaxy SII in less than a year, has build its name known worldwide and has earned an undisputed reputation over a period of time. And this in turn has increased consumers' interest in the successor of the Galaxy SII. But the....


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