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Afsar Ahmad
Friday , January 31, 2014

Rahul Gandhi and the blot of 1984 riots

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Once again the genie of riots is out. This time it is not the 2002 riots but the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. In an interview to TV channel, for the first time a member of the Gandhi family admitted that the some Congressmen may have been involved in the carnage against the Sikh community. Now the 1984 riots victims are questioning why no action has been taken against those Congress leaders even though Rahul Gandhi has acknowledged that they may have been involved. Congress has been claiming that the 1984 riots were not sponsored like the 2002 Gujarat riots. While Supreme Court created a SIT to probe Gujarat riots, in the 1984 riots not many have been convicted. But Congress leaders, who were suspected of being involved in, have seen their careers being adversely affected. A couplet by Bashir Sahab says: Log toot jaate hain ek ghar banane main ....

Tuesday , January 14, 2014

Muslim community not yet convinced about AAP

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The popularity of the Aam Aadmi Party has skyrocketed after the party's stunning debut in Delhi assembly elections in December 2013. National parties like BJP and Congress are now concerned about AAP's rising popularity while regional parties look clueless in the face of the new political development. The aura around Narendra Modi has diminished a bit after AAP came to power in Delhi. Now all the parties have to factor in the AAP effect in their electoral strategy. Till now every thing has gone in favour of AAP. But the only concern for the party could be the Muslim factor. The Muslim leaders as well as the voters have demanded party's clarification on the issues related to the community before extending their support. There seems to be not much support for AAP among the Muslims. The views among the Muslim community are varied. Sunni spiritual leader Firangi....

Friday , December 27, 2013

Today is Mirza Ghalib's birth anniversary, but who cares!

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This is a nearly 14-year-old incident. I was new to journalism. While working on a story about monuments and history of Agra I got a chance to visit Ghalib's birthplace. I reached the Ghalib Haveli near Rawat Padha where he was born. It was called Suraj Bhan mansion at that time. I had already been told by my seniors that it is disputed area and so I was being very cautious. But I decided to cover this story at any cost. I told my fellow cameraman about this. Sensing a chance we entered the mansion and the cameraman immediately started to shoot. Within a minute a sharp and loud voice echoed. A man questioned our presence there. I argue that it is Ghalib's birthplace and so we are shooting there. He quickly came close to us and angrily gesticulated to stop the camera. I knew that it would....

Tuesday , December 10, 2013

AAP and broom usher in a new kind of politics

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After several years I saw something on the political scene of the country which is unbelievable. I saw on Sunday the emergence of a new political force which is poles apart from the BJP, Congress and other regional parties. The party in question was being discussed for the last few months when it had taken birth after a high-decibel anti-corruption movement. The new party has pushed many political heavyweights into oblivion. Yes friends, I am talking about the Aam Aadmi Party. About three years ago I wrote a blog -India @ 2050. In that I wrote that the country's existing two major political parties, Congress and BJP, will over the next few decades will either become extinct or we will see a major overhaul of them. You can say that with the rise of AAP begins the end of these parties. Either these parties must change completely....

Thursday , March 07, 2013

Akhilesh, what has happened to you?

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In the months of January and February, 2012, Assembly election campaign was at its peak in Uttar Pradesh. SP and BSP were both looking strong contenders. Suddenly, one small thing turned the table. Mulayam Singh's son Akhilesh strongly opposed DP Yadav, a bahubali, from being given a ticket. It was in the air at that time that senior SP leaders wanted to give him the ticket. UP public appreciated this stand of Akhilesh. SP got unexpected support in UP and formed the government. Mulayam realised the people's mandate and his son became the chief minister. Although Akhilesh began his journey in style but things have gone wrong by every hour. His image has taken a serious beating. Now Akhilesh finds himself in a Catch 22 situation. He can either listen to his seniors or do whatever he feels right. But both will have repercussions. There are at....

Saturday , December 22, 2012

Delhi gangrape: Third India wants justice

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Till now, we have known two kinds of India. One which supports the government and second that supports the Opposition. Post independence, these two types of India continuously decide the fate of our country. Now, a third type of India is rising. These are people who kept silent till now or we can say, they believed that 'sab chalta hai'. Now leaving behind our disappointment, this India is saying: "Sab nahin chal sakta, change the system". Yes, this is the third India which stood up during the Anna agitation. These are people who are now agitating across India. Now the question is why suddenly did this India rise up? In my view, there are several reasons for this. The first reason is the birth of social media. Second, system failure and the third is the paralysis of our political system. It is social media which gave immense confidence to....

Tuesday , January 24, 2012

Rushdie row: fought on TV, by the mullahs

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For the last few days, Salman Rushdie is in the news. Some are speaking in his favour and some against. A controversy is on. His book The Satanic Verses has suddenly come 'alive'. Suddenly, a few Muslim clerics make Rushdie's attendance of a literary festival a prestige issue. On the other side, several writers ask the cleric: "Friends, when will you learn to stop making noises on such issues?" The cleric always begins with "Islam khatre main hai...." Just the other day, a hot discussion was on between Sheeba, a writer, and Muslim cleric Firangi Mahali. Mahali was categorical that Rushdie must be stopped from coming to India. Sheeba nudged him for being over-sensitive with a 'meaningless' issue. Sheeba further asked him why he didn't show such aggressiveness on the issue of Muslim education. Sheeba was of the opinion that this controversy had brought the writer and the book....


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