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Sreeram Chaulia
Friday , February 17, 2012

Keep India out of Israel-Iran hostility

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Julius Nyerere of Tanzania once said that "when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers". This aphorism fit the Cold War-era spectacle of developing countries becoming unwitting local playgrounds for tugs of war between superpowers. But what if there were a mini-Cold War between two medium-ranked powers? It could also be global, though not as devastating in its potential to cause collateral damage in far-off countries. This is the common scenario facing geographically scattered theatres in an assassination race between Israel and its foes. Over the last few months, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Georgia and India find themselves in odd company as spaces upon which covert actions were plotted against Israeli citizens and Jews all of which Tel Aviv suggests are the handiwork of Iran and its proxies. These plans, mostly aborted, are alleged to be Iran's retaliatory moves after a series of targeted killings of its....

Thursday , February 09, 2012

Russia gets bad rap over Syria

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As the violent standoff between Syria's security forces and armed opposition groups roils the country, the crisis has opened heated divisions at the United Nations Security Council. Western powers, backed by the Arab League, pressed last week for the adoption of a Security Council resolution that demanded Syrian President Bashar Assad step down. A watered-down version of this resolution was vetoed by Russia and China - both contending that the Security Council must not abandon neutrality by siding with one party to a conflict - that is, the Syrian rebels. Since then, Western politicians and human rights organizations have been painting Moscow and Beijing as "disgusting" accomplices to Assad's brutal "killing machine." This narrative expects independent great powers like Russia to deny the obvious reality that an armed insurrection aided by foreign powers is plunging Syria into greater turmoil. Russia's ambassador to the....


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Sreeram Chaulia is vice dean of the Jindal School of International Affairs in Sonipat, India, and author of 'International Organizations and Civilian Protection: Power, Ideas and Humanitarian Aid in Conflict Zones.'


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