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    Growing up with Sachin Tendulkar

    Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

    On October 10, 2013, Sachin Tendulkar took the decision of quitting cricket after playing his 200th Test. The news was massive, sending shock waves all over, especially sending media in a tizzy. An approaching cyclone to the eastern and southern coast of India, Asaram scandal, General Election and every other news became meaningless.

    Finally the man, on November 16, bowed out of the game by leaving the cricket world teary-eyed. For the last one-year, I have been a critic of Sachin because it was hard to see him struggle at the crease against mediocre bowlers. That was the time when I wanted him to retire, but now it has become hard to accept that Sachin won't bat again and the feeling will take some time to sink in.

    With the new BCCI selection panel headed by Sandeep Patil some bold moves were expected, but on Monday the committee chose the safe path. Why

    Dravid leaves a true legacy

    Saturday Mar 10, 2012

    Hi Dravid, First of all, congratulations on a glorious 16-year career in international cricket and thanks for all those brilliant innings on the cricket field.

    After being down and out in the recently concluded Test series in Australia, one thing is clear for Indian cricket: change is imminent, sooner than

    The curious case of Irfan Pathan

    Saturday Feb 25, 2012

    Nothing gives more pleasure than to witness a real talent burst into the sporting scene and take everyone by storm. Such prospects have always been