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R Radhakrishnan Nair
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here comes Saint Antony

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Defence Minister A K Antony made some rare interventions in Parliament over the last two days after the Army Chief Gen V K Singh spoke of a bribe offered to him and a letter written by Gen Singh to the PM suddenly popped up. Some call him Saint Antony. He does not give interviews. When you meet him, he restricts himself to pleasantries and does not allow you to fish for information. But make no mistake about this. Defence Minister A K Antony is among the most astute politicians. It is not for nothing that he is seen as the man who could become the next Prime Minister of the country if Congress comes back to power and Rahul Gandhi does not take the mantle. In politics, you can be powerful even without seeking or trying "too hard". Antony believes and practices that. In 1977 he took....

Monday , March 05, 2012

Is the digital caste system a bigger worry for our leaders?

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This week is Holi, the festival of colours. On Tuesday we also celebrate the culmination of another colourful festival - elections. On Holi you will be bombarded with water balloons as you walk through the streets. Until Holi you will be bombarded with post poll, post verdict analysis by journalists, psephologists and lots of armchair political experts. I am not getting into this. There is a debate that is gathering momentum. Is this is the end of caste system based voting in Indian politics? I'm not sure whether one election verdict can change such an ingrained mindset. I am tempted to talk of another caste system that is upon us. Google chairman Eric Schmidt last week warned the world of a "digital caste system". He says, of the seven billion people in the world, five billion people are not online or don't have an internet connection. Some....


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