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Anurodh Jain
Tuesday , July 31, 2012

Obamacare vs Manmohan cares

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Time magazine, in an article, dubbed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as an "underachiever", stating his unwillingness "to stick his neck out" on reforms has put India off the growth track. The magazine further stated that the people are losing confidence in his government and advised him to bring populist measures and win back voters' trust. It is ironical that the criterion of populist reform changes as one travels between the opposite time zones of the US and India. In the US presidential elections, healthcare reform has been a momentous campaign issue in past and will continue to remain so even in the future. In 2008, the then presidential candidate, Barak Obama, promised Universal Health Coverage for all citizens. Soon after his election, he announced the Healthcare for America Plan alias Obamacare. His plan went through major twist and turns and, after 3 years of roller coaster ride, was....

Tuesday , June 12, 2012

Violence against women: A preview from dusk to dawn

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On Mother's Day, Forbes magazine published a list of world's most powerful moms, representing influential women, who are politicians, CEO's & billionaires. This list symbolized the growing authority of women in leading nations to managing billions of dollars of an enterprise. However, none of these lists would pacify or empower women, who are still facing the clout of domestic violence in their lives. As per UN WOMEN, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality, "Globally, up to six out of ten women experience physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime and in the US this amounts to USD 4.1 billion in direct medical cost and USD 1.8 billion in productivity loss annually." India is not untouched by this by this problem and is looked down by world as a society with high level of gender discrimination. A research study on infant mortality by Harvard School of Public Health....

Thursday , May 03, 2012

Breaking the sanitation taboo

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Greek philosopher Socrates once said, "It is not living that matters, but living rightly." As the clock is inching towards the 2015 deadline of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), this saying becomes more relevant than ever before. The MDGs target to improve socio-economic conditions of all citizens. The MDG of "Environmental Sustainability" also advocates providing adequate sanitation facilities to all citizens, thus giving them right to healthy life. According to WHO, "Sanitation generally refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and feces. Inadequate sanitation is a major cause of disease worldwide and improving sanitation is known to have a significant beneficial impact on health of households and communities." Despite the seriousness of this topic, our community is still reluctant to openly talk about the subject of sanitation and the good practices associated with it. The ill....

Tuesday , April 17, 2012

A true tribute to Dr BR Ambedkar

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In light of the 121st birth anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar which was on April 14, the latest House listing and Housing Census 2011 data will continue to embarrass the government for its failure to eliminate manual scavenging. One of the figures captured in this Census data on households lists 8 lakh people engaged in clearing night soil by hand. It ought to give guilt trip to the state governments that are still in denial mode. It is ironical that as the nation paid tribute to Dr Ambedkar for his efforts to uplift the Dalits, little progress has been noticed in issues dearer to his heart. Dr Ambedkar was born in a Dalit family and rigorously campaigned against social discrimination and categorisation of work based on caste. He also made uniform efforts against the practice of manual scavenging, a practice of manually cleaning the human excreta from service/dry....


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