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    Ashes: Don't panic, England

    Thursday Dec 26, 2013

    Although Australia have played very well in the first three Tests of the return Ashes series, there can be no hiding the fact that England

    The number 11 who averaged 100

    Wednesday Oct 02, 2013

    Very few batsmen have averaged over 100 in a full English season; it requires an outstanding run of form to be maintained over the whole

    When 642 was not enough

    Tuesday Sep 10, 2013

    Some of the most dramatic turnarounds in cricket history have been orchestrated by the greatest names in the game on its biggest stage, changing the

    The ICC's Elite Panel of umpires is a fine idea in theory: select the umpires for each Test from a list of twelve, each of

    Chris Martin bows out of international cricket, having held New Zealand's seam attack together for the decade following the retirement of Chris Cairns. Since making

    Wisden called him "the man who came from two countries, and played for two others", and his career was certainly one of the more unusual

    An extension of Erdos and Bacon numbers is the combination of the two: a person's "Erdos-Bacon number" is the sum of their Erdos number and

    Given a group of people, some of whom are connected in a particular way, a natural question to ask is: how many links does it