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Yogita Limaye
Tuesday , October 18, 2011

Aaditya Thackeray: A son bridging the East and West?

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Gathered in Shanmukhananda Hall for the first anniversary celebrations of the Yuva Sena, the Shiv Sena's youth wing, one expected a cultural programme and then some speeches. In previous years, the Shiv Sena's events have included some wonderful Marathi plays, skits and even cultural dance performances by well known Marathi artistes. That's why what unfolded in that hall, packed beyond capacity yesterday, astounded many. And perhaps left Yuva Sena chief Aaditya Thackeray, seated in the front row between his mother Rashmi Thackeray and senior party leader, 74-year-old Manohar Joshi, squirming. The artistes on stage performed a small skit praising the Sena heir apparent and then announced 'Hya ugavtya Aadityala vandana karuya' which translates into 'Let's offer a prayer to this rising sun'. The loudspeakers started blaring Hindi item number 'Jalebi Bai' followed by 'Sheila ki jawaani' and a popular Marathi actress in a shiny white outfit....

Monday , April 25, 2011

Jaitapur: A timeline of discontent

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Jaitapur -- real public opposition or political inciting? Environmental issues or rehabilitation worries? These are some of the questions often asked about the agitation in Ratnagiri, the mango bowl of the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, and the answer is as complex as the technology behind the nuclear power plant being opposed there. The 9900 MW nuclear power plant comprising 6 nuclear reactors proposed to be set up in 3 phases, with the first phase envisaged to start production by 2018, is the largest nuclear plant in the world. Resistance to the plant started 5-6 years ago and became visible and vocal by the time the mandatory public hearing was held on 16th May 2010. It was Akshaya Tritiya, an auspicious day according to the Hindu calendar. Of the 4 main villages which would be losing 938 hectares of land to the project, only Madban gram panchayat, was given a....

Thursday , December 24, 2009

All izz not well

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I watched 3 Idiots last night and I must admit, I totally loved the film! Perhaps that's because I could so relate to it, having been in the same 'idiotic' shoes about half a decade ago. Most of those wonderful idiots I did my engineering course with continue to be very close friends. And while those four years will always be remembered as 'the best days of my life', the good part about not literally being 18 till you die is you can step back and see the flaws in the system. Much in the way the film does. Why did we end up in engineering? I for one simply went by the overriding family profession coupled by the fact that my Class 12th marks allowed me a free seat in a highly preferred course at a good college in Pune. Some a la Farhan gave in to parental....

Friday , November 27, 2009

This day, last year

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It's only a couple of days after the end of the 60-hour siege of Mumbai that I actually pieced together exactly what happened. Pouring over a map of the CST, Cama area and referring to newspaper articles, a group of us sat in office tracing out how it all happened. What we discovered sent a little chill down my spine, a feeling that never once occurred over the 60 hours. Ignorance is truly bliss. So at 10:35 pm when I was standing behind a pillar very close to the CST crossover bridge and heard shots from the bridge, I merely though the police were firing back at the gunmen. Never once did I realise that we were a metre away from the terrorists themselves. Shortly after that, when we changed location to the Metro Cinema signal, I saw Addl CP Sadanand Date wearing a 'decent' bullet-proof vest....

Sunday , October 25, 2009

The New Raj, The Old Sena

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They came in throngs, with the Nashik dhols being beaten with all might. Young boys and girls hoisted up on shoulders swirling flags, mothers carrying little children, and old ladies with faces that looked younger with jubilance. All there to catch a glimpse of their messiah on this victorious day. And then suddenly, he came out to his balcony. A quick wave, and then a gesture saying 'I'm coming down to join you'll' and the crowd erupted with madness. Standing there at Raj Thackeray's house Krishna Kunj in Shivaji Park on counting day, I suddenly experienced a few of the privileges we as journalists have. While the crowd waited patiently, in the hot October sun to get one dekko at their young dynamic leader, we got to be within 10 feet distance of him, hearing him speak. And it was a very subdued Raj Thackeray that day. None....

Saturday , December 06, 2008

A walk back to the places I knew

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P-54, Badhwar Park (Railway Officers Quarters), Colaba - an address I stayed at for 9 years, the 9 best years of my life. The precious years when my parents, sister and I stayed under one roof until we went our own ways for marriage, education, careers. When I came back to live in Mumbai last year, after a gap of 9 more years, a shiver went down my spine every time I went back to where home used to be. The familiar smells, sounds, all brought back just one emotion - happiness. And the memories of a carefree childhood and happy schooling years at St. Anne's, Fort. Today I take a walk around the same area and here's what I think of. First, I walk down Wodehouse road or Nathalal Parekh Marg towards Mantralaya. Look left - that's Macchimar Nagar. This is the place we....


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