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Karma Paljor
Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Karma Paljor's Uttarakhand Diaries: VJ Rakesh Negi meets his old friend from Siachen

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The Uttarakhand disaster was one of the most difficult assignments we have ever gone on. The images of destruction and suffering will stay with us forever. Apart from the daily coverage for CNN-IBN I also managed to capture videos and images on my mobile phone. These are mostly about people we met along the way, a special something that gave us the energy to continue reporting. It also answers some basic questions raised by my friends now that I am back in Delhi; what did you eat? How did you travel? Who helped you? Take 1: Friends meet after years My video journalist Rakesh Negi and I were trekking back from Badrinath and had just crossed Lambhagad village, when an army man stopped us. He said he recognized Negi's voice! Suddenly both of them looked at each other and squealed like kids - the man from Garwal Scouts....

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

India Positive: Finding ability in challenges

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A 21-year-old from Allahabad, who lost her limbs in a horrific accident, is not letting that come in the way of her dreams of becoming a painter. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these visuals convey it all. 21-year-old Sarita Dwivedi is now a seasoned painter, and winner of many awards - despite what must certainly be a debilitating disability. Sarita was four when playing on the terrace did not turn out to be fun, but shattering. A 11000-volt power line came falling on her and she lost both her hands and half her right leg. Recuperating from her ordeal was long and painful. But Sarita never gave up. With the support of family friends and a prosthetic leg, she started attending school where she found her passion in life. She has even learned to do many chores by....

Saturday , April 21, 2012

This is how we do it, behind the scenes of India Positive

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This is how we do it, behind the scene shooting an 'India Positive' promo. The lines were short so we could not really walk up Raisina Hill in Delhi. So I had to squat and appear as if I was slowly walking up and emerging with the beautiful India Gate in the background. Strange are the ways of making things look good on television. Watch this space for more such videos, pictures and blogs for all the action behind the camera, and stories of how TV programmes are made. Had fun shooting with Vishal Dube, Sanjay Arora, Sachin Soni. India Positive new season starts on 21 April 2012, Saturday 10:30 pm, Sunday 12:30 pm and 6:30 pm In this week's episode: - Disappearing house sparrow's stir a collective conscience in a Gujarat town. Citizens hang earthen nests and prepare....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

India Gate now a picture of neglect

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Visited by thousands everyday and a symbol of courage and pride of the Indian soldiers, the famous India Gate is badly in need of a clean up. Just take a walk around and you'll realise the historical landmark has now been reduced to a garbage dump. These pictures tell the story. I would like to find the people responsible for the upkeep and grill them on it. It's also the citizens duty to keep these landmarks and the places around it clean, instead of wild, thoughtless jingoism. ....

Friday , October 07, 2011

Sikkim quake: Boy who starved for 3 days

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I had come to reach the tapes to the helicopter pilot at the helipad in Chungthang, the village most badly hit by the earthquake. You can almost smell death in the air. Across the helipad a mudslide had claimed a life, body yet to be recovered. "It's impossible to dig through, right now we are focussing on those who are injured and need immediate relief," an officer told me. Yet my eyes kept going back. Three people were walking down that village footpath above the helipad. They were returning after a puja at the time of the earthquake. They got caught as the hillside came crashing down on them. An Army unit positioned nearby came to their immediate rescue. Two were pulled out, fate of one no one knows. He is lost below, claimed by the earth. Could he still be alive? I was talking to ITBP Jawans who....

Tuesday , October 04, 2011

Sikkim quake: How Army braved odds, saved lives

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Lt Colonel MMA Hyderi of the 659th Army Aviation Squadron was going to be a father in a few days, so there was much excitement in his house somewhere in the eastern Himalayas, where the cheetah helicopters pilots are based. His co-pilot young Captain RP Gohain, was on his fist posting after having cleared his flying training this year. He has seventeen months of flying experience but in true army spirit endless passion and will to serve. I did not know the two gentlemen till I saw the video of the rescue operation and my first reaction - "something straight out of a Vietnam movie". I had never seen such daring flying.I saw the video for the first time in Chungthang. My cameraman, Guneet Singh I had attempted to trek to Lachung on the third day (21 September) after the earthquake. The roads were bad and it....

Monday , February 07, 2011

My first flight - The F/A-18 Super Hornet

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I reached the Yelahanka Air Force Base at 9 am in the morning, and I was absolutely clueless on what to expect. I was undoubtedly very excited, but also a bit scared to be on my first supersonic flight. I had already done an extensive web search on precautions to be taken before such a flight, but there were no satisfactory answers, except for this oft repeated advice on carrying an air sickness bag. The sickness bag I did carry, and to my relief I did not have to use it. Then I called up my good friend Group Captain Rameshwar Singh Talhan, who happens to be a fighter pilot, to get some advice. "Just enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity," he told me, and then I took off. The suit up and brief I was kind of blank at the Boeing flight operations....

Thursday , February 03, 2011

16th Karmapa gave me my name

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He gave me my name. The 16th Karmapa has long gone, but he has always been my spiritual guide. I can recall almost all of our visits to his monastery in Rumtek, Sikkim. And I can never forget his warm smile and laughter from my first memory of the Karmapa as a 5-year-old child. He used to have an aviary, where many rescued and donated birds were kept. My father - who belonged to the animal husbandry department in the government - used to volunteer in looking after the birds and cattle of the monastery. Once on my visit to the monastery, I was amused to see a tiny little bird resting on Kamapa's hand. A monk later told me that all dead and dying birds are brought to him for special prayers... "They die in peace in his hand," the monk had told me. I never saw Karmapa....

Tuesday , January 05, 2010

The Tiger's Call

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Never thought I would see a tiger in the wild. My audience with royalty has been restricted to zoos where they lay looking malnourished, depressed and extremely edgy; an exhibit for all to see. I have visited some national parks across the country, but never insisted on seeing the tiger. The guides and drives say its rare; I am just happy to smell the earth and breathe to my hearts content. There's also guilt that our race has left so little for them and I am intruding that limited space. My New Year visit to Ranthambore was to awaken the activist in me and to take my resolve to actively participate and support conservation programmes.

Day 1: First drive into the national park was joyous; the park is one of the few dry deciduous forests with some forty tigers (forest department census).....

Tuesday , August 25, 2009

New legal bio equipment to cut electricity bills by over 70%

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Election gone, subsidy gone. Like everything you will now have to pay more for power. In future, if things go this way, electricity will perhaps constitute about 40 per cent or even more of your home operating costs. So, if you are one of those into heavy forward planning you will perhaps invest in non conventional modes of energy. I found this rather interesting piece of equipment that immediately helped me lower my electricity bill by over 70 per cent. The best part is that I invested just under Rs 200; could have been cheaper had I bought it off the street. It's also brought me tremendous joy. Immediately, after I had installed my Cut Electricity 1.0, the bio mechanism kicked off, it was alive in a day or two. Caution: the bio machine does not show immediate results it requires an incubation period of over 15....


More about Karma Paljor

Karma Paljor has been a journalist for over 11 years. Having started with The Times of India in Mumbai, he moved to CNBC TV18 in 2001. Apart from covering national and political stories for the channel, Paljor also anchored the breakfast show on CNBC TV18. He bagged the Chevening scholarship for Broadcast journalism in 2004. A keen aviation watcher, he loves flying his model aircraft when not reporting about trouble in the skies. Paljor also did a half-hour programme on the problems plaguing the aviation sector in India in 2006, following which the civil aviation ministry suggested several changes including, an overhaul of infrastructure at Air Traffic Controls across India. Paljor, who has anchored every possible show on CNN-IBN, is an avid aeromodeller when time permits.



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