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Amrita Tripathi
Tuesday , November 06, 2012 at 16 : 05

On the election trail: race for White House


A hectic day in - just hours to go now till we know who the next US President is going to be.

There's a lot of rhetoric, I can tell you, and a lot of talk of the final moments...Both sides are going to be at it till the very end.

CNN-IBN will be looking to hit a polling station too, in Massachusetts (a state that votes Democrats and is seen as "blue" but is far from uniformly "blue", we learn today, with some areas like S Massachusetts conservative).

If we luck out, we'll be getting you updates from Elizabeth Warren's (almost-certain-to-be according all popular wisdom doing the rounds) victory party. (And here's a big thank you to the US State Dept for helping us foreign press get some access!) Warren is fighting for the Senate seat from sitting Senator Republican Scott Brown. This is John Kerry's state too, remember, and he's backing her as well.

Today has been a whirl - from Boston, and a quick chat with Anjali Khurana who conceptualised and actualised the national (now including Mumbai! so clearly international) "Dance for Obama" campaign, to Priti Rao of the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus...The interviews should be up on ibnlive.com - flash mobs and all... From Boston as I say, to a rally, not just a rally THE final rally for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

That's where I am at the moment. Still an hour to go before Romney shows up, and we have met our share of characters I can tell you that. Hope you enjoy the video, that's up.

I'll get to see Kid Rock perform, too. I mean you know US President Obama has a plethora of stars backing him too - from Bruce "the Boss" Springsteen to Jay-Z. I'll get to hear Kid Rock, I"m just saying!

(I did like - and this is me being totally "non-partisan" as I've heard a lot today, just clearly, not in this rally! -- I did like his Sweet Home Alabama, so let's see!)

Will continue to tweet pictures...so let me know where you are and what you think! @amritat As we count down ...


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Amrita Tripathi is a news anchor with CNN-IBN, and also doubles up as Health and Books Editor. An MA in Philosophy from St Stephen's College, Delhi University, she has also taught a few undergraduate classes at her alma mater, informally! When she is not tracking health issues, Amrita is busy chasing the literary dream. Her debut novel Broken News was published in 2010. Before joining CNN-IBN, Amrita worked with The Indian Express.



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