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D P Satish
Saturday , August 05, 2006 at 15 : 42

Omkara: A Midsummer Nightmare


Had Shakespeare been alive today, he would definitely have filed a criminal defamation suit against the entire team of Omkara. Much hyped Omkara is so disgusting.

Disgusting is an understatement. It is a daylight murder of one of the greatest classics in English literature.

Starting from the so called 'superb' actors to production, scriptwriting to direction, Omkara is a disaster. Shakespeare' s characters are multi dimensional and complex in nature. They are basically created for the theatre. It will be a tough challenge to bring them alive on screen even for the finest directors in the World. Anybody can guess, what will happen to such characters of Shakespeare in the hands of Hindi film makers, who are experts in making loud, pompous and unrealistic movies.

Othello, like a majority of Shakespearean plays, tells us about the shallowness of human life. It is full of unexpected turns, jealousy, love, hate, revenge, suspicion.

Omkara has none of them in it. Omkara exposes the shallowness of the majority of Bollywood actors and film makers. All leading actors miserably fail to deliver in this so called middle movie, which supposedly straddles art and commerce.

Ajay Devgan who plays the lead role of Othello looks like an ordinary criminal in an ordinary Hindi movie. Not like an intense and troubled Shakespearean hero. He is a total failure in everything. I feel sad, because he is one of the finest actors in Hindi.

The much admired Saif Ali Khan's Iago won't take us anywhere. He looks like a dacoit in some cheap film. God forgive the people, who have heaped praises on him.

Undoubtedly he was excellent in Parineeta.

It is better not to talk about the " greatest acting " skills of Vivek Oberoi. His Cassio is surely an "Oscar-winning performance". He has once again proved that acting is not his cup of tea. Look at him from any angle, there is not even an ounce of artistic skill. Sometimes he looks like an aimless college drop out. Sometimes like a joker.

Certainly not like an actor even in a single frame. He should go back to some acting school to learn the basics of acting. If Cassio were a real life character, he would have either committed suicide, or would have flung a dagger at Oberoi!

Some dialogues in the film are filled with double entendres. Cheap, vulgar and absolute shit. Naseeruddin Shah is the only sensible element in this movie. His acting is natural and he looks like a real and serious actor.

It is better not to mention the great contribution of both Konkona Sen Sharma and Bipasha Basu. Female characters in Shakespearean dramas are intelligent and intense. Both Kapur and Sen Sharma fail to bring Bard's creations alive on screen. It is a directionless movie. No need to talk about the director and others.

I pity the film critics who have wasted tonnes of news print praising this horrible film. Also the TV critics who wasted "valuable" airtime for their " invaluable " reviews. It shows their ignorance about Shakespeare and his plays, not to speak of cinema. " Evil " always plays a major role in all Shakespearen tragedies. Perhaps he never thought that one day evil would return to haunt him in the form of a terrible, lousy "adaptation" called Omkara...

Surely it is a Midsummer Nightmare for the serious readers and lovers of Shakespeare.

(It is still mid-summer in the hot and dusty plains of Hindi heart land!)


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