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D P Satish
Wednesday, October 02, 2013 at 22 : 11

Rahul Gandhi shows who is the real boss, PM looks even more pathetic than what we think


The withdrawal of the ordinance to protect the convicted politicians by the Union Cabinet has cleared all doubts over the real boss once and for all. The Congress Vice President, who is accused of exercising his unlimited authority and Veto power has done it again. In his eagerness to prove his supremacy, he has done an irreparable damage to the institution of Prime Minister's office and completely undermined the powers of Dr. Manmohan Singh.

The Congress party which treats the Prime Minister with contempt started rallying behind Rahul Gandhi, the heir apparent to Congress' throne, after he publicly castigated the Central government headed by the PM.

The Prime Minister who has been in the office without any real power for the past nine and a half years does not seem to worry about his stature and legacy. In his press meet on the way back from the USA, he downplayed Rahul Gandhi's attack and made it clear that he would not want to step down.

His statements have diminished his stature even further. Dr. Manmohan Singh looks even more pathetic than what we think.

A seasoned political trend watcher T Shivaprasad Shetty remarked that Manmohan Singh has always been a bureaucrat. Public admonishment by their political masters is a common thing in Indian bureaucracy. No bureaucrat takes it seriously, let alone resigning. It is stupid to expect a heroic act by a bureaucrat-turned-politician.

India is heading for the most important general election in the last 20 years. It is natural that party reigns supreme over the government in an election year. But the tragedy of UPA-1 and 2 and Manmohan Singh is the party had always been reigning supreme over the government. The Prime Minister never tried to put his foot down or the dynastic 10, Janpath allowed him to have a say in the matters of national importance.

The Congress is making it obvious that even if the UPA retains power in the next general elections, Manmohan Singh will have no place in it.

India needs a younger leader and if someone like Rahul Gandhi takes the responsibility, it should be welcomed by all. But, will he be ready to exercise the veto power with the responsibility of running the nation or will he continue with his signature 'hit and run' politics?

Venerable retired bureaucrat CG Somaiah writes about Manmohan Singh in his compelling memoir 'The Honest always stand Alone'. Dr. Singh was Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, when Somaiah was its member secretary in the second half 1980s. The young Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi came to Yojana Bhawan for a briefing on modernisation of India. He did not like the ideas of Manmohan Singh and dismissed them as outdated in front of other members. According to Somaiah, Manmohan Singh was deeply hurt. He told Somaiah that he was planning to quit. Somaiah, a seasoned bureaucrat advised Manmohan Singh not to resign in haste. He explained him that Rajiv Gandhi is a young leader and an elderly man like Singh should not react so harshly to what he has said. Manmohan Singh was convinced and stayed on. The rest is history.

After 25-26 years, history has repeated in the form of young and impatient Rajiv Gandhi's son. The young and restless Rahul Gandhi. As they say people mature with age. Manmohan Singh has proved that it is indeed true. We really don't know, if the thought of stepping down crossed his mind after Rajiv's son Rahul Gandhi's public castigation of his government.

It is all downhill from here for Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister. Anyway, he has almost hit the bottom.


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