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Faisal Caesar
Friday , December 21, 2012 at 12 : 10

The Indo-Pak clash should be on a regular basis


The last time the cricketing world witnessed the Pakistan cricket team in action was during the ICC World Twenty20 in September. They dazzled, they frustrated. Since then world cricket has witnessed some exciting encounters displayed by the big guns of world cricket. But Pakistan were not involved in those.

Next week, they will resume their cricketing journey when they face in India for a short limited-overs series. It's a great approach by the respective cricket boards in resuming the Indo-Pak cricket rivalry. India, down and dusted on their own field by the English, will be rejuvenated to prove a point against the arch rivals whereas Pakistan will be determined to humble the Indians in their own backyard.

A cracking contest is expected.

When it's an Indo-Pak clash then one can hear the bhangra music echoing all around the subcontinent. The people of the subcontinent suffer from cricketing anxieties. The people of the subcontinent get infected by a strange euphoria which can't be observed in any other sport; the rest of the world remains moved by the thrillers scripted by India and Pakistan.

This is what an Indo-Pak clash generates; this is where nerve-jangling, heart-racing and mouthwatering cricket is being offered. This is where a cricketer's temperament is being tested. But sadly, this much anticipated clash has never been on a regular basis. Time and again the political circus of the two countries has interfered to deprive fans from heated battles. Since the resumption of Indo-Pak cricketback in the winter of 1952, if this tour goes on it will be the fourth resumption of the series. The others had been in 1978, 1999 and 2004.

The resumption of the Indo-Pak clash is encouraging. From a fan's perspective I wish this much anticipated series to continue on a regular basis. In my lifetime I have witnessed some astonishing and mind blowing Indo-Pak series since the days of Imran Khan. I felt deprived during the 90s when I couldn't witness the epic clash between Sachin Tendulkar and the two Ws. Not only me but I guess the world missed an epic encounter due to the lack of bilateral series between the two countries during that time - politicians of both the countries have been the culprits who mixed politics with cricket time and again.

Why cricket has been the victim still isn't understandable. If a Pakistani actor can act in a Bollywood movie, if Bollywood movies are widely anticipated in Pakistan, if Wasim Akram can coach the Kolkata Knight Riders and if a bilateral hockey series can take place between the two nations then why can't a bilateral cricket series go on?

Ardent cricket followers in the subcontinent and the world don't wish to miss these two nations' mouth-watering clash on the cricket field. The magnitude of the Indo-Pak clash is immense. And halting this epic battle for the sake of politics is doing nothing but hurting the feelings of the fans of the cricket world. In cricket, a cricket fan's feelings mean a lot. Their feelings are deeply connected with each and every event related to cricket. In the subcontinent it's even more deeply connected.


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Faisal Caesar hails from Bangladesh and is a doctor by profession. He works at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in the department of Cardiology as a medical officer. He is yearning to become a cardiologist in the future. He’s an ardent follower of cricket and expresses his love and passion for cricket through writing.