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Faisal Caesar
Friday , January 18, 2013 at 11 : 27

Passionate Bangladeshi cricket fans will uplift BPL 2


So there will be no Pakistani players in season two of the Bangladesh Premiere League. The Pakistan Cricket Board has denied to give No-objection certificates (NOCs) to its star players and they did it as Bangladesh declined to tour Pakistan last year. The Bangladesh Cricket Board had set a deadline of 1pm BST on January 16 for the PCB to decide whether it will send their players to play in the BPL or not. But at the eleventh hour, the PCB declined.

It's a sad affair. The relationship between the BCB and PCB has gone from cold to colder. And for all this, the factor which has to be blamed are Mustafa Kamal's useless dramas. All the tussle, the chaos and the confusion have been the result of Kamal's twisted attitude.

In this tough world of cricket losing a friend is always handy. And as Bangladesh doesn't enjoy the company of too many well-wishers in world cricket, so the cold relationship with its neighbor Pakistan cannot be encouraging. The same goes for Pakistan. In its most critical condition in world cricket they too cannot afford to lose a friend. For one man's twisted attitude it is the cricket fans who are suffering the most.

There is a fear that this mega event will lack brightness due to the absence of the Pakistani players who were instrumental in last year's BPL. Players like Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Sami, Imran Nazir, Nasir Jamshed and Shahid Afridi had boosted the BPL with their charisma and skill. The first season had pace and thrill and the cocktail of our local heroes and foreign stars had made it one of the most memorable events of 2012.

Sadly, this year's BPL will proceed without a dynamic cocktail. Even though the franchises are searching for replacements for the Pakistani players - it is also rumored that the Sri Lankan cricket board has come forward to help - but nothing is sure yet.

Such a critical situation leaves the BCB to invest its faith in its local stars. And the board, without showing any signs of fear or frustrations, has confidently decided to move on.

Personally, I am not a fan of such Twenty20 leagues. The instant adrenaline rush has never attracted me. I can't discover an ideal chemistry in Twenty20 leagues. But in this year's BPL, the BCB's determination to proceed on with our local stars has caught my attention. The BCB didn't beg or compromise.

Normally, foreign stars remain the most magnetic presence and such leagues reach a peak of excellence because of the dazzling displays of these enigmatic cricketers. There might not be an Afridi or Jamshed in full throttle but you can be sure that a Shakib Al Hasan or Tamim Iqbal will fire on all cylinders and blitz the Mirpur sky. It's a unique opportunity to prove to the world that such mega events can be set on fire by local stars too. It's an opportunity to prove our self-efficiency.

Moreover, the reactions of our cricket fans during this event will also be a matter of great interest. The stepping back of the PCB has made 16 crore Bangladeshi fans even more determined to increase their presence in the stadiums to support this event and make it a super hit.

In fact, BPL 2 is already a hit. The buzz around the country is electrifying. The Bangladeshi fan's emotions are attached with the country's cricket. In any crisis of our cricket, the ardent fans have always been there with their full support. And be sure that in this critical situation of our cricket it is the fans' passionate support which will uplift BPL 2013.


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Faisal Caesar hails from Bangladesh and is a doctor by profession. He works at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in the department of Cardiology as a medical officer. He is yearning to become a cardiologist in the future. He’s an ardent follower of cricket and expresses his love and passion for cricket through writing.