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Hemender Sharma
Monday , May 09, 2011 at 18 : 17

People of Pakistan have done no wrong


The American discovery of the Abbottabad mansion from which Osama bin laden was directing his al-Qaeda operations for the past five-six years has brought Pakistan under the scanner in America's war against terror like never before. President Obama has assured an investigation to look into who was harboring Osama. The ruling politicians in Pakistan have taken it upon themselves to defend their country's role with an innocence that speaks of their total lack of knowledge about the inhabitants of the Abbottabad mansion. The idea is to reflect that they are in control but the fact is they have yet not been empowered to control the Pakistani Army and the ISI.

The Pakistani rulers are yet again looking towards America to provide them with the leash with which the Army and the ISI can be reigned in. Both these Pakistani institutions have worked in very close coordination with the US in the past and have drawn their power and influence to overrule the people's representatives from none other than America. The betrayal of the US by these two Pakistani institutions has opened a window of opportunity for the people of Pakistan to possibly reverse this power equation.

Imran Khan in a column in India Today hoped for an Egypt in Pakistan. His hopes can be answered if America gets to the root of who harbored Osama bin Laden all these years. The people of Pakistan deserve an answer more than anyone else. The rallying point can come form the shame that has been to brought to an entire nation.

The fringe elements in Pakistan that have carried Osama's portrait on their heads all these years can shout at max. Those who draw pleasure in flogging their women in public can by no means push back the silent majority if chooses to rise.

The people of Pakistan will ultimately have to rise because their country is fast going down into this dark bottomless pit where the very word Pakistan is being looked at with suspicion. In a wired world stories of economic success and freedom from injustice travel really fast. No one including the people of Pakistan are abhorrent to a dignified and safe life.

General Musharraf, the architect of Kargil war with India, who usurped power in a coup is once again sensing his opportunity. He is the first to come out in the support of the ISI and the Army. He was all over Indian news channels calling the Abbottbad mansion story as an intelligence failure and comparing it with the intelligence failures of the 9/11 and the Mumbai attacks The Americans have called it inconceivable to think that Osama was living in Abbottabad without assistance Mushharraf meant if he could deceive the Americans in killing them he certainly could deceive the Pakistanis in finding a safe haven for himself The question is havens are safe only till the time they are in safe lands.

The Americans have shown their resolve in hunting down the perpetrators of 9/11. Obama has shown how he is different from Bush. Operation Geronimo is fine if it comes from the most powerful nation in the world. It is perhaps a legitimate use of power. What would have anyone done if Obama had ordered the bombing of Pakistan. The Americans did bomb Afghanistan and Iraq to dust after all.

Postscript: The end of Osama brought a sigh of relief to the whole world. More so to India because it broke the back of those who are harboring terrorists against India. Sadly for former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and Congress strategist Digvijay Singh, Osama's death came with an opportunity to cash votes. He questioned the burial of Osama at sea. When will the Indian Muslim stop him from denigrating an entire community?


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