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Iram Mirza
Tuesday , July 26, 2011 at 14 : 03

Suneet Varma's 'Elixir of Youth', a fabled magical potion


So the ancient legend goes like this...

Many were seduced and tempted by the elusive 'Elixir of Youth'. Others billed it as just an illusion or an urban legend.

'Elixir of Youth' the fabled magical potion that would revive the fast-fading traditional crafts, resuscitate the stylish designs and breathe life back into fashion.

Many legendary warriors fell for its allure and embarked on a quest to find the 'Fountain of Youth'.

Some succumbed to their failure, others gave up and traced their way back.

Though there was one such knight who remained unflinched, determined to explore fashion's new horizons and find the magical fashion formula that would cure all fashion ailments.

Meet the fashion's 'Knight in shining Armour'- Suneet Varma.

He locked himself for days to learn the exhaustive embroidery techniques, roamed the faraway lands to find the lush fabrics and finally, clinched the magical potion.

One drop and fashion had its historic moment in the form of his debut collection.

And fifteen years later, Suneet Varma continues to shine bright on the runway with his collection exuberating with youthful energy and innovative fashion finds.

It has to be that magical potion.

How else can you explain the creative consistency of this maverick designer for almost two decades?

His latest couture collection, showcased at the ongoing SynergyOne India Couture Week, displayed the potion's magical effects. Impeccable tailoring and effervescence of feminine forms played tribute to one of the most celebrated Hindu text in the world- Kamasutra.

Of Sin and Sutras, the collection romanced an era when a bare ankle was enough to invoke steamy desire and skin show confined itself to an accidental slip of a pallu.

The bespoke couture creations walked the runway in sensual bursts of reds, fuchsia pinks, yellows and oranges.

The dramatic metal bra that kicked off the show added a streak of passion- a perfect opening statement.

Voluminous lehengas, embellished trousers embraced the feminine charm. Zardozi shrugs paired with sheer skirts danced around in celebration of eternal love. Crushed silks were serenaded by the intricate crystals beading and swarovski.

The choli-cut waistcuts played around with long sleeved blouses. Lush chiffon stoles added to the passionate interlude.

This was followed by the greys,blacks and deep blues to paint the canvas of desire. A rustle of lace here and a shimmer of sequin there, the gleaming anarkalis, kurtas, sheer lehengas and sarees culminated the show on a seductive note.

Suneet Varma, take a bow!!

And do share a drop of that magical potion called the fountain of youth!!


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