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Iram Mirza
Thursday , July 28, 2011 at 12 : 05

Crystal Eyed


Year - 1895.

The sound of gusty wind was almost deafening. It was the darkest winter that Austria had ever seen. But that did not flinch the young Daniel Swarovski from his mission.

In a bare flicker of a candle, this Austrian glasscutter had been consumed for almost a year in the painstaking process of designing his dream machine- a machine that would be able to slice glass crystals with a certain precision to shine on, almost flawlessly.

And on one such ominous night, he attained his Nirvana.

And thus was born, an invention that would bring the shine back in the world of fashion in 1920s. From Mademoiselle Coco Chanel to the Master couturier Elsa Schiaparelli, they all had found their ' crazy diamond'. The glitter of 'flapper fashion and Swarovski studded costume jewelry had confirmed its royal spot in every couture collection and had added sparkle to every couture closet.

But if you thought that it was the fashion stalwart like Coco- Chanel who inspired our own Mr. Swarovski to dream up shiny crystals one fine day and invent a crystal cutting machine, you are sadly mistaken.

The inspiration lies closer to home.

Introducing the crystal eyed designer of India- Manav Gangwani.

Don't believe me!

Sample one of fashion's finest fantasy moment rolled out by the designer in his latest couture collection showcased the brand new edition of ongoing Synergy One Couture Week Collection last night.

The Swarovski dream parade titled ' Timeless Affaire' had the fashion cognoscenti satiate their bling appetite as they witnessed the grand spectacle with gowns, voluminous skirts, elegant sarees, draped anarkalis interspersed with bold and dramatic sheer pieces unfold on the runway.

Silk velvets, shimmer nets and cascading italian chiffons in the subtle hues of pale yellows and soothing whites offered its allegiance to the shine of hundreds of crystals meshed, lined, and woven together with an immaculate finish.

Zardozi was delicately lined up with fine crystals to smoother the ramp with unadulterated opulence.

And the statement pieces with acres of tulle draped and lined with sumptuous folds set the perfect tone for an extravagant couture showing.

I had my fill of shine for the year.

And as per our old dear Mr. Swarovski, you must believe now that it was this bling mascot of India who doubled up as a soaring inspiration for the invention of those shiny crystals.

Yes, we are waiting for a long due 'thank you note' from the fabled House of Swarovski!


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