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Jaspreet Sahni
Tuesday , January 31, 2012 at 15 : 09

Speculation turned India's losses into fiasco


Speculating! That's what an Indian cricket fan is engaged in these days. Compiling statistics after every loss and correlating them to frame a winning picture for the next encounter. That's nothing but speculation, which has fallen prostrate in the last eight months. But you can't find fault with the zeal of such fans. They invest to see their team live and die with a brave heart. And when that fails to transpire, they start speculating.

However, it's important to dig deep and find reasons for what led to that pile of speculation, which is now taking the shape of anger. Of course, the instigators were back-to-back fiascos in England and Australia. But no hard calls or tough measures followed, which is leading fans into a zone of distrust and discontentment. And if the BCCI and players deny that, if there are some strategies in place behind the door, then it's time to lay them bare. The hearsay has to end now.

It might sound a bit harsh but the seniors have no gas left in the tank now. Asking more of them is like squeezing the last bit out of a toothpaste tube that has already delivered what it promised. It's not disrespect, rather a shake-hand with reality, that what comes, has to go. But the problem is the seniors don't seem to think on the same wavelength. And now the situation is worse.

Sachin Tendulkar didn't grab the opportunity to retire on a high when India won the World Cup. Dravid had a similar opportunity after scoring three Test hundreds in England, but didn't take it. And now after twin disasters, the two legends don't want to bow out on a low, while the fans think otherwise. It must be a dilemma for them, but their silence isn't helping Indian cricket's future. A 'yes' or a 'no' will only help in better planning, whereas a hush will only add to that speculation and may tarnish a spotless image.

Likewise, the BCCI too owes some answers to those who fill their coffers: straight, honest replies to start the autopsy of a disaster. But to the utter shock of fans, and expectedly for some, come statements like "we will beat the Aussies when they come to India and then everybody will be happy." Such irresponsible comments can come only from blindfolded administrators who have no vision and are hell-bent on ruling with the power of money.

All that leads to an impression that there is no accountability. Players aren't willing to budge and even if they are, it's not apparent, while the board is slowly shifting its focus back to money-making with the IPL players' auction. And the fan, who stands waiting for answers, continues to speculate.


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