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Mahima Sharma
Sunday , June 19, 2011 at 11 : 35

Is drinking alcohol about Senses or Sensibility?


What is the right age of drinking alcohol? Much has been debated over the last week but the issue still remains on 'a high' after actor Imran Khan recently filed a PIL in the matter. Celebrities like Big B Amitabh Bachchan and actor Raveen Tandon sided with Imran's views. And soon after Maharashtra's Social Welfare Minister Shivajirao Moghe hit back at Bollywood stars saying that movie stars should be creating awareness on the dangers of alcohol consumption.

All those holding a toast to Maharashtra government's decision, I guess, feel that 25 years is more sensible to handle you Ps and Qs then 18. Ahem...if some of you agree with Mr Moghe and his lawmaker colleagues, then let me here bring you a real life case of Ramesh Babu, husband of a maid who works in my locality in the South Delhi area. The man comes drunk every evening only to abuse his wife and children forbidding him to waste money on alcohol that has reportedly begun damaging his liver. And mind it - Ramesh is 35 years old!! So did age decide his sensibility about his alcohol mannerism?

On the other hand his son Karthik who is just 14 is well aware of the bad side of alcohol. When I popped him the question what he feels about Maharashtra government's decision to raise the age bar for drinking, a bemused Karthi said, "Madam daaru ke baad jab senses hi chale jaate hain to age ke saath sensibility ka sawaal to paida hi nahi hota (Madam, where is the question of sensibility factor linked to age, when one loses all senses after a drink!!)

Now what should come as an eyeopener (to those who relate age to sensibility) was his add on comment. Very sensible to his age, Karthik added that the need of the hour is stricter implementation of existing laws rather than bringing unrealistic ones. The laws say one cannot sell liquor to persons below the minimum age. But it doesn't say that persons below the minimum age are guilty of buying. The laws should address that part, he added.

"No one verifies our age when we visit bars. The rule is immature and needs to be reconsidered. We are in no way bothered," posted 21 year-old college student Amit Garg on a social networking website. Sensible enough a comment don't you think so? Especially when it comes from a person who is "under 25" ..

This only make me wish that Maharashtra govt (Delhi, Punjab and Haryana governments too...since they also have the drinking age bar upped at 25 years) have a page on Twitter/ Facebook to see "how sensibly" today's youth can advice the lawmakers!

So does the question still remain in the air - as to which is the right age to go HIC HIC?


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