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Nitesh Prasad
Sunday , December 23, 2012 at 10 : 21



That is the word that describes the environment around us and the other the part of the country, the unfortunate incident of Sunday 17th December not only led to anger but also woke up sleeping establishment, common man NGO's, all of them coming together to demand justice for the victim, social media also played a major role in waking up conscious of the people and bringing them together and people are determined to the get the government to act.

All this outrage is fine but this leave a lot of question to be answered will this protest lead to any strong measures or prevent such incident or will lead change in policing in Delhi or will lead more security for women.

Yes there are problem with system but we can't ignore the problem in our society, every time such incident happen and media highlights it every one is ready to share that space the so called popular people or the elite come out of their hibernation to express outrage and demand action, NGO's appear from no were to protest but once the media coverage reduces these people go in hibernation, Whenever such incident happen all the socialites of the world will tweet express their outrage and then they are no where to be seen, I was stunned to see one of the leading actress laughing even before she completed her reaction, the event of the weekend where a spontaneous protest being high jacked by rouge political element is also major concern where for petty political gain people are determined turn to violence to achieve their objective.

It is time that we all come together and find permanent solution to this problem and let take this protest to logical conclusion and ensure that system wakes and make effective and decisive changes so that such incident can be stopped and in future such protest remain apolitical.


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