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Neenaz Ichaporia
Wednesday, February 03, 2010 at 15 : 59

To the moon and back


'Buy a piece of the moon today!'

No, I haven't gone looney writing this blog, I've simply gone lunar. It's not often that one can claim to be gobsmacked, by which I mean genuinely, honest-to-goodness started or tickle-me-pink amused. But last night while clicking through my Facebook page; a little corner advertisement achieved just this effect.

'Now you can really promise someone the moon...'

Our friends at the Lunar Embassy in the UK are doing just that. For a fee, they claim they will sell you a sizeable bit of land on the lunar landscape. Sealing the deal are the following add-on items: A stylish metallic box, a lunar deed in your name, and a lunar site map showing your property's location.

Ok, if this claim fails to send you into orbit or leaves you universally unimpressed then please click through to either of the following websites and do a comprehensive cosmic check:



The Moon or Mumbai?

Wondering if the price, like the promised property, is also sky-high, I did some further reading. I was surprised to find that though the cosmos is astronomical, the cost is not!

In fact at the current going rate of approx Rs. 1,600 per acre, a mahal on the moon is much more affordable than a mud hut in Mumbai.

Now, I know that estate agents are used to making tall claims, but it seems they have finally found a step-ladder to the stars.

The lunar brokers are marketing the moon as the perfect Valentine's Day gift - a present that would send your star-struck sweetheart over the moon with joy. But beware if you're with one of those pragmatic, terrestrial types, she may just send you packing.

Being a practical-minded woman myself, I gave the whole thing some careful thought. And I feel that at this point, intergalactic investment may be just the right move. Especially for all those college students and lovers in Pune. If cuddling on college campuses invokes cops' ire, they can now seek solar systemic refuge. After all, Mr. Sonawane's jurisdiction doesn't extend up there does it? So, if you're trying to avoid the long arm of the law, the lunar registry is for you.


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