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Nitesh Prasad
Sunday , May 13, 2012 at 21 : 16

60 years of Parliament: some thoughts


After a long gap I am back with my blog. What forced me to return to blogging is the occasion and the time we are in today. As we celebrate 60yrs of our parliament I as a ordinary citizen feel proud that we as voters elect our MP's but it feels really sad and frustrating when the same MP's do not live up to our expectation and the very institution of parliament is attacked.

I always had keen interest in politics when economic reform were introduced in 1991 I was to young to understand the effect of those reform but I feel the life we are leading today is due the reform that government of the day and parliament passed it.

I feel sad when parliament is disrupted or when there is misconduct by MP. But It has to be emphasized that the Parliament as an institution is supreme we should desisted from attacking it.

People belonging to so called civil society can attack say what ever they want as it is free country but they has understand that this very institution has stood tall for last 60yrs and has binded our country together. I do feel sad when the parties doing good at local fail to deliver at the national level.

Congress and BJP doing excellent work at local level as MLA but at Center they seems to have no answer to the problem the common man is facing today only good speeches or hungama in parliament wont help them to solve the problem people are facing actual action on the ground is required. If our MP do not understand the aspiration of Indian people the institution of Parliament would be under negative scrutiny.

We might unhappy frustrated or angry with our political class but we have to understand that for last 60yrs this very Institution has been core point of India's Growth and Development.


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