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Pragati Ratti
Monday , March 07, 2011 at 18 : 54

Women's Day: Be musically correct


It is about time we realize that even the best is something we don't find everything good in. Cribbing and complaining is our birth right and - we accept it or not - we love doing it. This statement points to another one: that there are many things and people that disappoint us and therefore I'm quite sure I might be annoying for some too.

So let's just accept that not every time can we make a person happy. But then there has to be a solution. If not completely happy we can make sure we don't completely annoy a person. So' I have observed that an easy and available option on disastrous instances is music.

If not the drums, you may like the guitar. If not rock, you may like pop. Music therefore is one rare element that is universally accepted and liked in one or the other form. And from what I have observed, music not only helps you look good in front of people, but at times even pulls you out of messy, irritating scenes.

Imagine yourself stuck in a situation where two senior people are shouting, yelling and discussing something in a manner that just does not pleases your eardrums. Here since they are seniors you cannot just bluntly say: 'Shut up'. Imagine in such a scene you abruptly play some song that both these men actually like. Problem solved. The song diverts them and if you're lucky enough, one of them might just end up humming the song actually.

Now let us get to a situation which many of us know, but hardly any of us has given music its due credit in such a situation. Imagine you want to propose to somebody, but nervousness kills you enough to actually speak it out, especially with us girls who actually want the boy to say it first. The easiest and most effective option available is Music. Just dedicate a nice love song and your job is done.

Just like these, there are many times when this element of sound helps you say a lot more. Try to use this damage repair therapy. I'm sure it'll help you many a times.

For once, imagine your life without music, imagine your mobile phone without a ring-tone, imagine a Bollywood movie without songs, imagine a wedding without a music and dance ceremony. Too dry and lifeless, ain't it? Yes, that is why I would say music is something that completes at least my life.

When things become a stress for me, music helps me keep away from freaking out. When I become a stress for things, well, I look to music for making things better. With the varieties of music available from loud to light, from happy to sad, from funny to serious, whether you forget your partner's birthday or you want to abuse someone, music will help you any which way my friend. And with all those 'beautiful girl' songs with men going gaga over women, music indeed is a reason to cheer for, for all the ladies!

That's why I say, an all-time solution for problems is that if not politically, just be musically correct. Cheers!


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