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Pragati Ratti
Tuesday , June 21, 2011 at 12 : 47

DJ for a day: My playlist on World Music Day


Being musical is always something one can handle with no stress, and it needs no care as music, however it is, whatever it is, it makes a melody and fills the silence.

Celebrating, World Music Day - June 21, I bring you my playlist from morning to the night, from home to the car, to the party venue.

Early morning, when I start from home to get to work, my playlist is soft, with nice, peaceful and easy flowing numbers.

So, while I'm on my way to office, here are some songs that I press the play button on:

- Annie's Song (You fill up my senses) by John Denver: John Denver's classic voice and the guitar being the only instrument I hear in the song, makes it a nice easy journey on the road.

- Allah Ke Bande by Kailash Kher: The song with a message and to make your day good, makes me all set for the day coming ahead, also bringing a little smile on my face.

- Alif Allah by Arif Lohar and Meesha Shaafi: Coke Studio Pakistan makes a prominent place in my playlist, and Coke Studio India will soon do too. With both the singers and musicians enjoying their own music, what comes out is completely soulful.

Now, I'm close to my office and I have time to listen to a couple of songs more. So, I play something more fast and rocking, that makes me all energised towards the day. The last two songs that I'll play now will be:

- Bhaag DK Bose from Delhi Belly: A sudden swith from slow and soft to fast and furious gets me all set for the day, with energy.

- Behka by SQS Supastars: The peppy song is the last song that I listen to before I reach office.

While I'm in office, and if it's a newsy day, there is hardly time to plug in to some music. But if it's a low news day, music is one thing that everyone in office moves to. If there is time, I listen to music that has a balanced tempo. Neither hard hitting, nor too slow and soft, is my music in office. Here are some songs on my office playlist:

- Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer: With some perfect lyrics and John Mayer's easy to sing along music, the song makes it easy to even work simultaneously.

- Just a Dream by Nelly: Another song that I can comfortably sing along and work with.

- Nothing Else Matters by Metallica: In the recent past, I have been listening to this song, thinking what will it be like when Metallica comes to India.

- Just The Way you Are by Bruno mars: This song definitely makes a girl feel good.

These songs and some more by Pink Floyd and some Hindi songs like 'Ik Junoon' from the movie 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara', Saibo from the movie 'Shor In The City' and more.

When I leave from office, the music becomes random as after work, being stress free is what I aim at and so, I listen to no fixed kind of music but anything and everything. Here are some songs I bang my head to while I'm on my way back.

- Dil Chahta Hai from the movie 'Dil Chahta Hai': Now an old song though, but this song always manages to refresh me. I move my head to the song even if I'm in public transport and people give me strange looks.

- Riding Solo by Jason Derulo: The lyrics of the song make me feel how free, when the song says, "I'm feeling like a star, I can't stop my shine."

- Speed of Sound by Coldplay: love the piano in the song and the beats to get along.

These songs and a few others like 'Diary of Jane' by Breaking Benjamin, 'Sham' from the movie 'Aisha' keep my journey back from office comfortable and free.

Now, in the evening if I'm heading to a party, and not home, I expect the DJ to have all good and latest groovy numbers in his playlist. While, I'm at a prty, here are some songs I would love to shake a leg on:

- Switty Tera Pyaar from the movie 'Delhi Belly': When you're on the dance floor, you want to be crazy and wild and this song sets the perfect craziness.

- Kadi Saddi Gali from the movie 'Tanu weds Manu': With thumping Punjabi beats, one does not have to really think how to dance on the song.

- Lady Gaga: After the Punjabi numbers are done with, Lady Gaga songs are something that you just cannot miss out on at a party. 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga is one song that I love to tap my feet on.

Some more dance moves on Apple Bottom Jeans by T-pain, I gotta feeling by Black eyed Peas, I wanna Love You by Akon and many more, and I'm done with the party dancing, and i reach home with these songs.

Then when it's time to sleep, soft, smooth and Hindi is what I prefer on my playlist. Songs like 'Saiyyan' by Kailash Kher, Bin Tere (Acoustic) from the movie 'I Hate Luv Stories', Khamaaj by Fuzon and other such slow numbers, make me sleep off comfortably.

Some old numbers may be missing out as my playlist keeps refreshing with new music in the market. But those old songs still make a prominent place in my playlist. While this is just a taste of what my playlist is this Music Day, there is a lot more, as music is inevitable and there can be no end to it. While I enjoy my playlist, you enjoy yours, and have a musical, melodious World Music Day.


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