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Pragati Ratti
Sunday , August 07, 2011 at 10 : 54

Friendship Day: 10 categories of friends I have


I have now experienced life for more than twenty years and in all these years, I have come across many people, who became friends, but, all of different kinds. I have travelled, shifted home, changed schools, passed college, changed work places, and so, there are a variety of friends that I made at every turn.

On Friendship Day, I categorise the kind of people I have met in my friend list categories.

Childhood Friends

At an age, when innocence dominated my mannerisms, I made friends, when I did not even know the meaning of the word. I just knew that these were people I can play with, I can fight with, I can eat with and I can tell their names to people who kept asking me, "Do you have friends in school baby?"

Today, many of those friends are nowhere in the picture, but then, thanks to social media, I have managed to get in touch with the ones that I remember, and the ones who remember me. But, they remain childhood friends, and somehow, it's not the same equation with them now.

School Friends

School is probably one place where a person makes the maximum number of friends. But for a person like me, who had to keep changing schools because of shifting houses, many of my school friends were just a 'come and go' affair. I made new friends in each and every class I entered. So, each year, I had new friends, who I walked the school corridors with, who I shared my tiffin box with, who I shared some secrets with, who I played cricket with and of course, who I studied with.

But school friends were always fun friends. They would never ask for anything more than an extra pencil or an extra pen. To add to this category is also 'Tuition friends', who are similar.

But, I have to confess, that the best of the school friends that I have had were in Ludhiana, where I completed the last four years of my schooling. Some of them, still remain a special part.

College Friends

By the time, one enters college, a child becomes a youngster and a 'mature adult'. College was place, where everyone was a friend, but with a 'conditions apply' tag. College taught me a different kind of friendship altogether.

Here, I saw friends for 'notes', friends for fun, friends for hanging out with, friends for drinks, friends for work, and yes, friends...just plain friends.

Crush Friends

This is a dangerous category of friends. These are friends I have to be very careful with, while talking to. The list of people under this category is very short one with hardly a couple of names. These are friends, I have had a crush on, but, they still are my friends.

While I have liked them in a different way, but with the passage of time, they have gone back to what they were - Friends. Guess, it's safe to keep it that way than losing them.

Dance Friends

Dancing holds a special place in my life as it keeps me away from all the hullabaloos of life's stress. Therefore, dance friends are the ones, I always end up having a good time with, because, whenever we meet, we dance.

Although, on my way to learning the art of dancing, I have lost a few of these friends, and even dance turned bitter. But, those who remained made me believe that dance remains a cheerful binding factors among us dance friends.

Work Friends

Work friends are people I spend the most of my time with. While we are in office, along with sharing a formal official relationship, some of us are friends, in a sense that we chat about things other than work, we give and take suggestions about our life, we gossip, and again, we eat together.

However, the fact remains that we're 'Office Friends' or 'Work Friends' and so, the relationship remains restricted and within limits.

Neighbourhood Friends

With shifting houses from Delhi to Ludhiana and back to Delhi, neighbourhood friends have been another 'come and go' affair with me. When at home, these are friends who make life lighter, in the sense that after a busy day out, friends in the neighbourhood give you a reason for a nice chat or a walk around the streets at the end of the day.

Family Friends

While I like some family friends, there are others who I feel are forced upon me. I have to be friends with them as they have a connection with my family.

Random Facebook Friends

Well, I must admit that half of these friends are people whose names are there in my social networking friend lists only because we have a lot of mutual friends, or because they are friends of friends.

These are people I hardly know, to be honest.


Yes, just plain friends as I can't define people in this category under a better word. The list is small, with very few people and these people are genuine friends. They have been there through the thick and thin. They are not my friends for any motive. They enjoy my company and I enjoy theirs.

From school friends, to family friends, they cover all categories and make a perfect 'buddy'. These are friends I don't need to explain things to. They just understand, and they are the people I can never end up having a bad time with, even if we fight or argue.


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