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Pragati Ratti
Tuesday , October 29, 2013 at 16 : 03

Dear would-be-PMs, tell me why I should vote for you, not why I shouldn't for your rivals


It's been a month of rallies, speeches, words, potshots - all but value - from our leaders, our would-be-Prime Ministers. Sitting in the newsroom and listening to each one of these speeches, somewhere it has become very easy to predict what a particular leader would say when he addresses the aam aadmi. And to an aam aadmi's utter disappointment, these speeches are all about crude personal attacks and 'go against the opposition'.

Be it Rahul Gandhi's 'my grandma, my father' speech, Narendra Modi's 'Shehzade' potshots or now Nitish Kumar's all out attack on 'Hunkaar', it's amazing how none of these 'leaders' as we call them, have spoken of what India needs, what India 2014 will look like, what they have in store for India.

These are the leaders who the country is looking to choose for the top job, in less than a year from now. Just think about it. Is this what we're looking for from our leaders of tomorrow? Is there even a vision? To go deep into it, every party is seeking the aam aadmi's vote on a negative campaign.

The BJP wants people to become anti-Congress, the Congress wants people to become anti-BJP, the JD(U) wants people to become anti-BJP and the SP wants people to become anti-everyone.

That's the point. No political 'leader' today, is vouching for his own self as an independent and able leader. What they're doing in front of a huge crowd is belittling the other parties. Where is the promise that you are an able leader and can lead the country progressively.

Here comes a Narendra Modi. People are looking at him to lead the country in 2014. The BJP has made him the face of every big rally. He indeed attracts huge crowds. But then again, when it's a national rally, he attacks Rahul as 'Shehzada', Sonia Gandhi and Robert Vadra as 'saas, daamaad TV show' and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as 'Maunmohan Singh'.

Then he talks of the 1984 riots to counter attacks on him over the 2002 Gujarat riots. Then he goes to Bihar and goes on to give a total anti-Nitish speech.

As an Indian, I don't want to know what is bad about Rahul Gandhi or Nitish Kumar. I want to hear more about the BJP, about what your party has in store for India, about what is good about your party, about your magic in Gujarat. Give me a sense of becoming pro-Modi instead of 'no option, but to support you' by making me anti-another leader.

Then there comes Rahul Gandhi, who was once seen as a youth icon. Today he seems to be holding that tag only for the Congress members. While Modi goes on to attack his opponents, Rahul Gandhi comes up with a different tactic that seems even worse. He takes the help of the Gandhi surname.

What is going to change about the country if you bring out how Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were killed. And you go on to say 'I may be killed too'. If personal tragedies were any basis for getting votes, many would been in the queue.

In an indeed shocking 'loose talk', if I may say so, Rahul Gandhi in one of his speeches even went to the extent of saying that some intelligence official has told him that Pakistan's ISI may be employing Muslims affected during the Muzaffarnagar riots.

When national leaders are making such no-substance statements, what can the country expect from regional politicians. No surprises then that leaders like Naresh Agarwal of the Samajwadi Party stoop down to the level of using offensive derogatory words and calling the opposition a 'widow'.

Dear would-be-Prime Ministers, give me more substance, more sense, more development stories for me to believe that yes, you can do it for India. Indira Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee have in the past delivered stirring speeches that have indeed moved the public to vote for them. The dynamism of such leaders and not sensationalism is the need of the hour.

Tell me why I should vote for you, not why I should not vote for your opponent.


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