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Prerna Prasad
Monday , December 05, 2011 at 12 : 36

My ideas to repress corruption


Corruption is a virus swiftly reaching the roots. It's a menace which has entrapped almost all sections of the society. From the peon till the CEO, everyone shares a slice of the cake.

Eradicating this menace is a tough but possible task. I believe technological advancement is the best way to curb corruption. Five years back, all government data was to be registered in paper files and folders. Ten years from now, everything would be memory cards and chips. So, if all administrative policies will be formulated, adopted and implemented via computer systems, it will be very difficult for a crook to cheat.

One can enter bogus data in paper, but it's hard to fool the computer machine.

Unlike others, this is not a utopian idea. Technology has modified man's way of living. If we notice recent changes, we will find that schemes like e-governance have brought tremendous improvement.

Right to Information Act is another great strength that the common man has access to. Public awareness about this act can make a big difference. Now people have the weapon to get their government works done without paying any bribery. This act has benefited several awakened citizens of India who got their pending works done by availing the provisions of the act.

As the saying goes, 'Every drop makes an ocean'. Similarly, if every Indian keeps an eye on himself/herself, revolution can be brought. Value Education plays a prominent role here. If the person is a man of principles, he/she can control the temptation to be allured by money. There is no denial in the fact that money is power but then power shouldn't subdue our values. This is easier said than done but control over senses can make it happen.

If our leaders turn to be highly qualified and intellectually supreme like those in USA, no one can stop us from becoming one of the most uncorrupt nations. As education makes a person wise and there is less possibility for a wise man to turn corrupt.

Most of the multi-crore scams are led by political leaders. So, if basic qualification like graduation becomes mandatory for citizens to contest elections, making India corruption free wouldn't be a difficult task.

These were some of the random ideas to eradicate the menace of corruption. However, if seen specifically, there are numerous other ways to rid every sector of the society of this evil as no area is free from the greedy nature of humans!


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Desiring to bring a change, Destiny presented the path of journalism. With God’s grace and everyone’s support, I am happily working at CNN-IBN. 8 months holiday at Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dhenkanal (Orissa) gave me an opportunity to feel nature’s bliss and picture the poverty in India. A scholar and a Gold Medalist in Political Science (HONS), I am motivated to contribute in transforming India. The responsibility of the college President nurtured my leadership skills. As an effort to make my life worthwhile, I meet unprivileged kids and youths to raise a ray of hope for them. A firm believer in the power of individuals, I appeal to all to pre-empt themselves from contributing to the corruption chain. My day revolves around my profession, my mission and my admirations.